Curry Powder (version 1) Recipe - Enough curry powder for 3-4 meals

Curry Powder (version 1) Recipe


7 teaspoons (35ml) coriander seeds
7 teaspoons (35ml) cumin seeds
3 teaspoons (15ml) fennel seeds
5cm (2 inch) cinnamon stick
10 cloves
1/2 teaspoon (2.5ml) paprika powder
2 teaspoons (10ml) turmeric powder
1 teaspoon (5ml) chilli powder
3 teaspoons (15ml) garam masala


Heat a frying pan, without oil, over a medium heat
Add the coriander, cumin, fennel, cinnamon and cloves to the pan and stir-fry for 1 minute
Allow the spices to cool
Put the spice mixture into a spice (or coffee) grinder
Grind into a fine powder
Add the other spice powders and mix well
Store in an airtight container

Recipe submitted on 12 June 2007

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