Onion Bhajis (version 1) Recipe - Makes 10-12 Bhajis

Onion Bhajis (version 1) Recipe

Taste Rating = 7     Heat Rating = Unrated


1 medium onion, finely chopped
7 tbsp (105g) chick pea flour
1 egg
2 tbsp (30ml) oil
1/2 tsp (2.5g) ground mustard seeds
1 tsp (5g) fenugreek seeds
1 tsp (5g) ground turmeric
1 pinch chilli powder
1/2 tsp (2.5g) salt
Oil for frying


Heat the oil and fry the spices for 1 minute
Add onion and stir until well coated
Turn down heat, cover and cook until the onion is tender but not mushy
Leave to cool
Add salt, egg and chick pea flour and stir well
Fry generous half tablespoonfuls of mixture in 1 cm (1/2 inch) of hot oil turning them almost immediately
As soon as they are puffy and brown remove and drain on kitchen paper
Serve warm

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Recipe submitted on 27 January 2007

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