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Welcome to Curry Focus - Great Curry Recipes and Much More

The Curry Focus website is dedicated to the great tastes of curries from around the world. Curries are eaten all over the world, not just in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the UK.

There are hundreds of great curry recipes for all curry dishes and there are definitely recipes there for you to enjoy. There are recipes for curry mains, side dishes, breads, drinks and desserts. In fact, everything to tempt your palate.

You donít have to be a cook or a chef to succeed with these recipes. All you need to be able to do is read and follow easy recipe steps.

And you can share your favourite curry recipe with us. Weíll edit and format the recipe and publish it on the website for everyone to see.

We try out a new recipe most weeks and write a recipe review to describe what happened and, more importantly, how the curry rated with a group of curry-loving enthusiasts.

There is a comprehensive group of glossary pages where we describe the different curry dishes, curry ingredients and the more common weights and measure conversions.

And we have a huge range of curry-related blogs to inform and keep you up to date on curry news and events.

Want to find a great vindaloo recipe? Or a naan recipe? Or want to know what Asafoetida is? Just use the search box that is in the top left of every page on the Curry Focus website.

We have a monthly newsletter that is a digest of the blogs published during the month. Use the Curry Newsletter box in the top right of this page if you want us to send you the newsletter link each month - all we need is your email address (we do not sell, give away or publish your email address).

We are always happy to receive feedback and ideas about anything to do with curries. Just use the contact page or email us.

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