Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe Review

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A Spicy Chicken Vindaloo Curry Recipe Test

How many chicken curry recipes are there in the world? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? You would think that there would be a limit to how many chicken curry recipes there are. I suppose new ones are being invented by talented cooks/chefs. I do not mind how many there are as long as I can get a tasty chicken curry.

Saturday morning found me looking though the untested Curry Focus curry recipes for this weekend’s test curry recipe. And there, among the chicken curry recipes, was a Spicy Chicken Curry recipe. Sorted.

The ingredients for this curry are easy enough to find. I had to buy the chicken and chicken stock when out shopping. And I also took a trip to my favourite Indian supplies supermarket. I did not need anything from the supermarket and I just wandered around savouring the spice smells and seeing what was on the shelves. Of course it would be rude not to buy anything, so I grabbed some samosas for lunch.

Making the Spicy Chicken Curry

This is an easy chicken curry to make, with the preparation of spices being the only slightly complicated step. The spices are dry roasted and then ground in a spice grinder before being used in the curry. In the past I have dry roasted the seeds well before the spice powder is needed so that the roasted seeds have time to cool before they are added with the other dry ingredients and turned into the curry powder.

Apart from making the curry powder from scratch there is nothing complicated at all in this recipe and the cooking went well with no surprises or stuff ups.

Tasting and Rating the Spicy Chicken Curry

I served up the spicy chicken curry on basmati rice and soon the recently arrived tasting team was enjoying this latest chicken curry.

And the curry was good. The sauce was slightly runny but this was not a problem (I could have cooked the curry for longer to remove more of the liquid). The curry had a nice taste but was mild, even though there was a slight after burn in the mouth. I would have thought it would be a hotter curry considering the title was “Spicy Chicken Curry”. But this is a good, standard, chicken curry and it received a taste score of 7.5 out of 10 from the tasting crew.

Make the Spicy Chicken Curry Again?

Once again, I’m undecided if I would make this curry again. The curry was pleasant enough but it did not leap off the plate screaming “eat me, eat me”.

If I do make the curry again, I will definitely add a chilli or two to spice the curry up.

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