Tomato and Onion Kachumber Recipe (version 1) Review

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A Tomato and Onion Kachumber Recipe Test

Just what is a kachumber? Well, it is a type of side salad. It is not like a traditional salad with lettuce leaves but it is still recognisable as a salad. A kachumber is served as a side dish to a curry. I have tested very few side dish recipes since starting the Curry Focus website so this weekend I decided to make a kachumber, which is a really simple side dish to make. Specifically, I decided to make a tomato and onion kachumber

There are a few chickpea curries in the freezer and I will defrost and reheat these for this weekend’s recipe test which will let me concentrate on making the kachumber.

All of the ingredients for the kachumber are very easy to find and I bought the cucumber, tomatoes and spring onions when out on my regular weekend shopping trip. My garden supplied the chilli, fresh coriander (cilantro) and mint while the other ingredients were in the pantry.

Making the Tomato and Onion Kachumber Side Dish

Like most salads, all of the work is in the preparation of the ingredients. I washed and chopped the vegetables and then mixed everything in a large bowl. Then I covered the bowl with kitchen film and popped the tomato and onion kachumber into the fridge to chill. Then I sat down to chill by reading a few chapters of my latest library book.

I had taken the curries out of the freezer at lunchtime and they were nicely defrosted by the time that the curry tasting team arrived. I tipped the curries into a large saucepan and heated them up while the basmati rice was cooking.

Tasting and Rating the Tomato and Onion Kachumber Side Dish

I served up the curries on basmati rice and put the tomato and onion kachumber into a serving dish so that people could help themselves.

Soon everyone was tucking into the food and making a special effort to taste the kachumber.

And the kachumber was great. There was a lot of it and this is a really colourful dish. It was a refreshing kachumber with a strong lime taste as well as being a bit spicy from the chilli. Altogether, a very nice way to eat some vegetables. The kachumber received a taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium”. About the only negative was that there was too much liquid –reducing the amount of lime juice would make the salad less wet.

Make the Tomato and Onion Kachumber Again?

Sure thing. I will make this kachumber again. It was a very easy recipe to follow and produced a lovely side dish.

tomato and onion kachumber side dish image

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