Sri Lanka Dry Dhal Curry Recipe Review

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A Sri Lanka Dry Dhal Curry Recipe Test

That I am very partial to a good vegetarian curry is no surprise to regular readers of my recipe reviews blog.  My weekly search for a curry, or curry-related, recipe found me looking at the dal curry recipes category and there was a nice and easy Sri Lanka dry dhal curry recipe that quickly caught my eye. A dal curry that is easy to make and looks to be tasty – what is there not to like?

None of the needed ingredients for the dal curry are hard to find. My kitchen stock of spices and curry ingredients meant that all I needed to buy to make this dal curry were the onion and tin/can of coconut milk. I grabbed these ingredients when doing my weekly shop.

Making the Sri Lanka Dry Dhal Curry

This is a standard dal curry recipe that uses tempering and the cooking process is very easy and nothing went wrong. I cooked the base curry and then cooked the ingredients for the tempering (the last 4 ingredients – vegetable oil, black mustard seeds, chilli powder and one of the small onions) before reheating the base curry and then mixing in the tempering ingredients. It all sounds very easy and, believe me, it is easy.

The curry tasting team arrived just as I was cooking the tempering ingredients and were obviously keen to taste the dal curry.

Tasting and Rating the Sri Lanka Dhal Curry

I served the Sri Lanka dhal curry on basmati rice and soon the tasting team was tasting away. And the dal curry was really good. The dal curry had lots of lovely coconut milk flavour and was nice and dry. The dal curry was a great yellow colour with a smattering of curry leaf green mixed in.

The dal curry was very popular with the team and received a taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot”.

Make the Sri Lanka Dhal Curry Again?

There is every chance that I will make this dal curry again. It is easy to make and has a great taste. The heat level of the dal curry can be easily reduced, if you want, by cutting back on the chilli content.

Sri Lanka dry dhal curry image
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