Balti Vegetables Side Dish Curry (version 2) Recipe Review

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A Balti Vegetables Side Dish Curry Recipe Test

It is the weekend so curry time has rolled around again. I was going to be late getting home on Sunday so needed a curry recipe that would not take much time to make. I checked the freezer and found some previously made curries that were waiting to be defrosted and eaten. I then had a look at the untested vegetarian side dish curry recipes and found a Balti vegetables side dish curry recipe that would take a minimal amount of cooking time – in fact, the total cooking time would only be about 10 to 15 minutes. Magic.

One big plus for this recipe is that it uses very common vegetables – nothing that is hard to find. And all that I needed to buy during my regular shopping trip was the vegetables (including the fresh coriander/cilantro).

Making the Balti Vegetables Side Dish Curry

Most of the time needed to make this curry seemed to be washing and preparing the ingredients. I do not time how long it takes to do the preparation – I know that I’m not particularly fast at cutting and chopping. I got the feeling that about it took me about 20 minutes to do the preparation. One reason for my slow preparation is that I tend to be a bit accident prone with knives and I have to really concentrate when using knives. You will never see me chopping up ingredients in a blur like you see on YouTube or TV.

Making this tasty side dish curry is a breeze. There are only 4 cooking steps to make this dish and I doubt that even a bad cook could mess it up. The last phase needs a bit of judgement to determine if the vegetables are cooked and you can decide whether you want the vegetable well-cooked or al dente.

I managed to time the defrosting and reheating of the curry mains so that everything was ready as the same time.

The testing team arrived in plenty of time and happily sat chatting while nursing a beer.

Tasting and Rating the Balti Vegetables Side Dish Curry

I put the Balti vegetables side dish curry into a serving dish so that the tasting team could help themselves to it. And, as usual, I served the curry main on basmati rice.

Everyone got stuck into the food and it was quiet for a few minutes. I asked the team to basically ignore the curry main and concentrate on the Balti vegetables.

Everyone enjoyed the Balti vegetables. The dish was dry (with no sauce) and was basically a stir-fry. Everything was well cooked and the red chillies had given the dish a spice/heat rating of “Hot” (you can reduce the heat of the dish by cutting down on the number of chillies used in the recipe or by using milder chillies). There was a nice lemony taste and the spicy heat left a lovely afterburn in the mouth. Everyone agreed that this must be a healthy side dish and that they would be happy to eat it again. The Balti vegetables received a taste score of 8 out of 10.

Make the Balti Vegetables Side Dish Curry Again?

Yes, I will be making this side dish again. In fact, if I am cooking for two people then I could easily use this dish as a main.

The very fast cooking time appeals to me, as much as the lovely taste of the dish.

Balti vegetables side dish curry image

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