Palak Paneer Curry (version 2) Recipe Review

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A Palak Paneer Curry Recipe Test

Lots of people like a paneer cheese curry and you can count me among them. I got a request for a paneer cheese curry to test this weekend (I’m not the only person who likes a paneer cheese curry) so did some looking at the curry recipes on the Curry Focus website to find a good recipe to try. A palak paneer curry is usually vegetarian (I’ve seen a couple of recipes which had chicken in them) but I didn’t need to wade through the vegetarian curry recipes to find a paneer curry recipe since all I needed to do was look at the paneer curry recipes page.

I quickly found a palak paneer curry recipe that I had not tried before and so the choice was made.

I already had most of the ingredients at home and only needed to buy the spinach, paneer cheese and cream for this weekend’s curry recipe test.

Making the Palak Paneer Curry

There is nothing difficult about making this palak paneer curry. I washed and chopped up the spinach before cutting up the paneer cheese and measuring out all of the other ingredients. A pretty standard process really.

Then I actually made the paneer cheese curry. I cooked the spinach and then set it aside for later use (I’m always amazed at how spinach reduces in volume so much). Then I fried the paneer cheese pieces before setting them aside as well. After that cooking went ahead pretty much as it usually does when making a curry. There were no cooking disasters to report this week and the tasting team arrived about 10 minutes before the curry was ready to eat.

Tasting and Rating the Palak Paneer Curry

I served the palak paneer curry as a main with basmati rice. The curry can be eaten as a side dish just as easily as a main dish. The curry was well cooked and the paneer cheese tasted great. This palak paneer curry received a taste score of 7.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium”.

Make the Palak Paneer Curry Again?

Yes, I probably will make the palak paneer curry again. As mentioned before, this curry would be just as good as a side dish or as a main. And it would probably taste great with roti instead of rice.

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