Vegetable Curry (version 3) Recipe Review

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A Vegetable Curry Recipe Test

A fair few of the Curry Focus visitors are vegetarians and I thought that another vegetarian curry recipe test would be good for this weekend. I looked at the list of vegetarian curry recipes and my eyes quickly settled on one of the vegetable curry recipes. The recipe was the third vegetable curry recipe in the category.

The vegetable curry recipe used 4 different kinds of vegetables (5 if you count the chopped tomatoes) and this looked like it would produce a big curry. I usually make a curry that serves 4 and this recipe looked like it was going to be double the usual size.

I bought the ingredients that I needed when doing my regular Saturday morning shop and none of the ingredients are hard to find.

Making the Vegetable Curry

All of the vegetables needed preparation and, as usual, I did all of the preparation before starting to do any cooking.

The curry recipe called for the potatoes to be parboiled so that they would definitely be fully cooked once the curry was served. Parboiling is so easy.

I used my biggest saucepan to make the curry and the cooking process was very simple. Nothing went wrong during the cooking phase except that I forgot to buy fresh coriander (cilantro) again.

The reason I sometimes forget to buy the coriander (cilantro) is that the supermarkets I generally get my vegetables from sell coriander (cilantro) as a plant. I resent paying about double for coriander (cilantro) just because it is sold as a plant that I can, in theory, plant out in the garden. So I often buy the fresh coriander (cilantro) at a greengrocer shop that I use. But here’s the bit that casues me problems. I am so keen to get home after shopping (I really hate shopping) that I totally forget about the coriander (cilantro) until I find myself cooking the curry. My memory is not perfect (never has been). Still, forgetting the fresh coriander (cilantro) is not really the end of the world so I just blunder onwards.

The tasting team arrived well before the vegetable curry was ready and everyone enjoyed a beer while watching me work in the kitchen.

Tasting and Rating the Vegetable Curry

I served up the vegetable curry with basmati rice and everyone eagerly got stuck into the meal. And it was great. The potatoes were well cooked so the parboiling had worked. The mushrooms were OK but nobody had any great stories to tell about mushrooms in a curry. Button mushrooms don’t have a lot of flavour and are usually anonymous in a curry. The cauliflower was nicely al dente.

The curry received a taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot”. The heat level in the curry obviously depends on the curry paste that you use. If you use a spicy/hot paste then you are going to get a spice/hot curry. It makes sense, doesn’t it? There are lots of different curry pastes on the market so you have a big range to choose from.

As previously mentioned, this is a big curry and there was a lot of curry left to enjoy the next day (heated up leftovers is very tasty and fast to make).

Make the Vegetable Curry Again?

Yes, I would definitely make this curry again. And next time I might remember to buy the coriander (cilantro).

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