Lamb Koftas Recipe Review

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A Lamb Koftas Recipe Test

Meatballs. If you eat meat then you must like meatballs. Even better, add spices and you end up with koftas. I chose to try out the lamb koftas recipe this weekend (you can find the recipe among the lamb curry recipes).

The ingredients are very easy to buy and I picked up the minced (ground) lamb and fresh coriander (cilantro) when I was out and about on my usual Saturday shop.

Making the Lamb Koftas

This is a really easy recipe to follow.

I made and cooked the onion paste and left it to cool a full hour before the actual cooking of the koftas took place.

I split the ingredient into 16 pieces and rolled one of the pieces into a ball. The ingredients did not quite bind so I put the ingredients back into the mixing bowl, added half of a beaten egg, mixed everything up, split the ingredients again and this time easily made a ball of ingredients.

Then I made up the rest of the kofta balls and was ready for the cooking to start.

Then I relaxed until the rest of the curry tasting team arrived.

When the tasters arrived, I cooked the koftas, along with some rice. It was that easy.

I forgot to buy fresh coriander (cilantro) when I was out shopping. Never mind.

Tasting and Rating the Lamb Koftas Recipe

I served up the lamb koftas with basmati rice to the team and soon everyone was tucking in to the simple meal.

The koftas proved to be very popular. They were well cooked and disappeared pretty quickly. The koftas were mild and a little chilli powder or a bit more cumin would have spiced them up a little. And a side of yogurt and mint sauce would have gone well with these tasty morsels.

The koftas received a taste score of 8 out of 10 and, as previously mentioned, a spice/heat rating of “Mild”.

Make the Lamb Koftas Again?

Yes, I probably will make lamb koftas again. This is such an easy recipe to follow and the result tastes great. I would add a little chilli powder to spice things up a bit (but not too much chilli powder).

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