Kheer Recipe Review

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A Kheer Recipe Test

Kheer is an Indian rice pudding that is usually made from rice, milk and sugar. But that is way too boring for the Indian palate and most kheer recipes ask for nuts and spices as well.

There are kheer recipes on the Curry Focus website and I selected a kheer recipe at random. I’ve never made rice pudding, let alone kheer, so this kheer recipe would be an experience but, hopefully, a gentle one.

The recipe looked easy enough with only a few ingredients and only 4 cooking steps.

The ingredients were easy enough to find except for the flaked pistachios that I could not find anywhere. I ended up just buying pistachios and thinly slicing them up myself – it took a while but I think I did a reasonable job, even though the slices weren’t as thin as you would get from a packet of flaked pistachios. Never mind seeing this was hardly a problem.

Making the Kheer

This must be one of the most easy recipes to follow. The initial heating of the milk and nuts took a long time (40 minutes) so maybe the heat could be higher than I had it set. But cooking the kheer went like clockwork.

The curry tasting team arrived long before the kheer was ready and regularly wandered in and out of the kitchen to see how things were going.

Tasting and Rating the Baingan Bharta

The basmati rice was cooked, the sugar and cardamom pods added so it was time to serve up the kheer.

I served up a bowl of kheer to the tasting team.

The kheer was very runny. There was an awful lot of milk. I’ve never had kheer before but this was really nothing like the rice pudding that I used to have when I was a kid. I’m not huge on sweet foods and this kheer was sooo sweet with all of the sugar that went into it. Only one of the 4 of us liked the kheer and it bombed.

The consensus was that the runny kheer was just too sweet and it received a taste score of 4 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “None”.

Make the Kheer Again?

I did make it again. I wanted to see if a thicker and less sweet kheer would be better. So I made the kheer again but I reduced the sugar by a half and doubled the amount of rice. I also kept cooking the kheer after the cardamom pods had been added until the kheer had a thicker consistency.

The same tasting team tried this version of kheer and it was definitely better than the first attempt. But it was still too sweet. The consistency of the kheer was OK but the sweetness overwhelmed everything. The second attempt at the kheer resulted in a taste score of 6 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “None” (unless you bit into a cardamom pod when you got a lovely cardamom taste explosion).

If you like a sweet dessert then this may be a recipe for you to try.

But I won’t be making this version of kheer again.

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