So Easy Thai Chicken Curry Recipe Review

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A So Easy Thai Chicken Curry Recipe Test

Curry time again and I was asked to make a chicken curry for this weekend’s curry recipe test. I quickly found the So Easy Thai Chicken Curry recipe that had not been tested yet. I looked at the recipe and could not really see why this recipe is called “So Easy”. As far as I could make out, this chicken curry recipe was no easier (or harder) than any other Thai chicken curry. But that was the recipe name given by the recipe submitter.

This is a Thai curry recipe that really does use Thai curry ingredients, as opposed to being a curry just made with Thai curry paste.

I found the needed ingredients easily enough, even the lychees and bamboo shoots (my local greengrocer is Thai so it was not much of a challenge to figure that the ingredients would be on sale at that shop).

I kind of figured that this would be a curry with sweetness considering that pineapple pieces and lychees are ingredients. I saw that the recipe serves from 6 to 8 people so there would be leftover curry to be enjoyed the next day. I bought a lemon so that I could add lemon juice to the leftover curry to see how that altered the taste.

Making the So Easy Thai Chicken Curry

Like most of the Curry Focus curry recipes, this is an easy recipe to follow and nothing went wrong with the cooking process. This is a big curry and luckily I chose my largest saucepan in which to do the cooking.

As it happened, there was no need to add any of the retained juices and these were happily drunk by a couple of the curry tasting team.

Tasting and Rating the So Easy Thai Chicken Curry

As usual, I had basmati rice ready for when I served up the So Easy Thai Chicken Curry to the recently assembled testing team.

Everyone got stuck into the curry and it turned out to be a popular meal. There was plenty of sauce (I left most of it in the saucepan so it could be used with the leftover curry the next night) and the chicken was well cooked. In fact, everything was well cooked and the curry had a nice peanut and coconut taste. The main criticism was that the curry was too sweet – the pineapple and lychees gave the curry too much sweetness for most of the team.

The curry received a taste score of 7.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium”.

Make the So Easy Thai Chicken Curry Again?

I might make this curry again. The next day, I added lemon juice to the leftover curry and it definitely tasted better to me. So I added the lemon juice ingredient and added the step to use the lemon juice if the curry was too sweet.

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