Baingan Bharta Recipe Review

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A Baingan Bharta Recipe Test

I got into a conversation with a friend of mine about curry side dishes and she said that I didn’t do much recipe testing on side dishes. This is true as I tend to review main course curries. So I asked her to recommend a side dish to try and she immediately suggested baingan bharta.

To be honest, I have never had a baingan bharta and did not even know what it was. But there are a couple of baingan bharta recipes among the vegetarian side dish recipes on the Curry Focus website. I chose a baingan bharta recipe and bought the ingredients that I needed while doing my usual Saturday shop. None of the ingredients are hard to find.

The baingan bharta recipe looked to be a really easy recipe to follow and I pondered for a while as to what main to serve with it. As well as being eaten as a side dish, I noticed that the baingan bharta could be eaten as a starter (or snack) with roti or as a main (with rice). Time for a cunning plan. I decided to serve the baingan bharta with rice and roti so it would be eaten as a main and a starter/snack. I wouldn’t give a full main size portion of rice because a couple of roti would more than make up for a smaller portion.

Making the Baingan Bharta

This is an easy recipe to follow but the aubergines (eggplants) need to be charred and then allowed to cool before the main cooking phase could start. I charred the aubergines (eggplants) in the oven, let them cool and then scooped out the flesh.

I prepared the remaining ingredients while the aubergines (eggplants) were cooling.

All ready for the main cooking phase, which was really simple. Within 30 minutes the curry tasting team arrived and 10 minutes later the baingan bharta was ready (I had bought the roti from a supermarket and heated them up while the baingan bharta was cooking, keeping them warm in the oven).

Tasting and Rating the Baingan Bharta

I served up the baingan bharta with a small portion of basmati rice and a couple of roti to each member of the tasting team.

And the baingan bharta was great. The aubergine (eggplant) was well cooked and tasted great either with the rice or scooped up with roti. The baingan bharta received a taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot” (there was a nice mouth after burn).

Make the Baingan Bharta Again?

Yes, I would make this dish again.

It would be a stretch to make this baingan bharta serve 4 people as a main – cooking an extra aubergine (eggplant) would ensure there was enough. But as a starter/snack or side dish there was plenty.

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