Thai Chicken Curry Recipe Review

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A Thai Chicken Curry Recipe Test

Another curry weekend and another chicken curry. A quick look at the list of chicken curry recipes on the Curry Focus website led me to the Thai Chicken Curry recipe. It is a standard Thai chicken curry recipe with chicken meat cooked with onion and spices in coconut milk. Nothing could be simpler.

I bought the chicken meat and lemongrass when out on my weekly Saturday shop but I couldn’t find kaffir lime leaves anywhere. This is very strange because I’ve never had any problem buying kaffir lime leaves before. Should I abandon the Thai chicken curry test because I cannot find kaffir lime leaves? I decided to bite the bullet and continue with the test and just leave out the kaffir lime leaves. The lack of kaffir lime leaves would only make a tiny bit of difference and I had run out of credit on my phone so could not look for a replacement recipe on the Curry Focus website without returning home.

Making the Thai Chicken Curry

This is a straightforward curry to make and I followed the steps without any problems.

I had a decision to make when I got to the part about adding the coconut milk. The recipe calls for 250ml (9 fl oz) of coconut milk but a tin/can of coconut milk holds 400ml (14 fl oz). If I only added the asked for amount, what would I do with the leftover 150ml (5 fl oz)? Nothing. So I added the whole tin/can.

The cooking time for this curry is about 75 minutes and I encountered no problems.

Tasting and Rating the Thai Chicken Curry

I served up the Thai chicken curry on basmati rice to the newly arrived tasting team.

The sauce was a bit runny, despite me increasing the heat at the end, but I suppose that was because I added more coconut milk than the recipe asked for.

The chicken was well cooked (and melted in the mouth) and the curry tasted great.

But the curry seemed to have something missing. The curry looked boring and a bit of colour would have improved the appearance. Maybe some vegetable like capsicum or string (French, green) beans would have helped.

Despite this, the curry was very popular and received a taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot”.

Nobody mentioned, or noticed, the lack of kaffir lime leaves.

Make the Thai Chicken Curry Again?

I don’t see why I wouldn’t make this curry again. Maybe I’d also throw some kind of vegetable in with the specified ingredients.

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