Kashmiri Chicken Rogan Josh Curry Recipe Review

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A Kashmiri Chicken Rogan Josh Curry Recipe Test

Chicken curry time again. There are lots of great chicken curry recipes on the Curry Focus website and they are really easy to make. Saturday morning found me looking for a good curry recipe for this weekend’s curry recipe test and I found the Kashmiri chicken rogan josh curry recipe.

Most rogan josh curries use lamb as the main ingredient so it was a surprise to see a chicken rogan josh curry recipe. A Google search tells me that the rogan josh dish originated in Kashmir and that the main ingredient is lamb or goat. But I’ve got no objection to making a chicken rogan josh so this week’s curry recipe was decided.

All of the ingredients in this recipe are standard curry ingredients and very easy to find. I picked up the stuff that I needed during my usual Saturday shopping trip.

Making the Kashmiri Chicken Rogan Josh Curry

This is a really easy curry to make even though there are more than the usual number of ingredients.

The chicken needs to be marinated in spicy yogurt for a few hours (this process uses up half of the ingredients).

The actual curry cooking steps will be very familiar to people who make curries and none of the curry cooking steps were difficult or gave any problems.

The cooking time was about 50 minutes and all went well.

Tasting and Rating the Kashmiri Chicken Rogan Josh Curry

I served up the Kashmiri Chicken Rogan Josh Curry with basmati rice to the curry tasting team and everyone eagerly got stuck into the curry.

And this is a really good curry. The chicken was well cooked and the mixture of spices made the meal tasted great. One comment was that the curry would be improved with some lemon juice. Apart from that, all was good and the curry received a taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice heat rating of “Very Hot”. This was a very hot curry and it surprised me that it received such a high taste score seeing that a couple of the tasters are not into hot curries. This is a really good curry that needs to be accompanied by a soothing raita.

Now this is a really big curry and there was plenty of leftover curry. The next day I am going to make a raita and have it with the leftover curry. There will only be 2 for dinner so there will be plenty of food. I’ll blog about the raita next time.

Make the Kashmiri Chicken Rogan Josh Curry Again?

I think that this is a really great curry and I will definitely make it again. But next time I’ll reduce the amount of chilli powder to keep the heat down a bit.

kashmiri chicken rogan josh curry image

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