Mexican Chili Recipe Review

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A Mexican Chili Recipe Test

One of the simplest spicy meals to make is a chilli (or chili). Chilli is one of the few things that I can make without a recipe. Believe it or not, I still find it hard to make a curry without following a recipe, even after all of these years.

I found the Mexican chili recipe among the beef curry recipes and decided that I would give the recipe whirl, despite misgivings about the recipe. What misgivings I hear you ask? Well, there are 3 basic chilli ingredients missing from the recipe. I’ll leave discussion of these ingredients to the end of this review but I checked lots of online chilli recipes and they confirm my thoughts.

Anyway, the recipe for this weekend was chosen and I picked up the ingredients that I needed when out on my regular Saturday shop. All I needed to buy were some chips and some cheese (I couldn’t find tortilla chips so just got some plain corn chips).

Making the Mexican Chili

Like most chili recipes, this is a very easy one to follow. Once the ingredients had been prepared, all that is needed is to do what the steps say and there is nothing complicated to worry about. Really, the only decision you have to make is how long to boil the chili at the end in order to get the sauce consistency that you want.

The total cooking time for the chilli is about 40 minutes.

Tasting and Rating the Mexican Chili

The curry tasting team had arrived on time I served up the Mexican chili with corn chips (makes a change from basmati rice).

As expected, the chilli was a bit rough (or spartan) but was not unpopular (I think it’s something to do with eating food with your hands). The main criticism was that there wasn’t much cheese scattered on top of the chilli and the quantity could easily be quadrupled.

Everyone agreed with my initial comment about there being missing ingredients in the chilli. Namely, most chillies have onion and tomatoes and quite a few have red kidney beans. And this chilli would have benefitted greatly if it had these extra ingredients. I think the end chilli would also have been better if beef stock was used instead of the cup of water.

However, the Mexican chili was not too bad and received a taste score of 7.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot”.

Make the Mexican Chili Again?

I don’t think that I’ll make this chili again. My own recipe (that is saved in my head) is better than this one but, of course, my recipe has onion, tomatoes and red kidney beans in it.

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