Leftover Lamb Curry Recipe Review

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A Leftover Lamb Curry Recipe Test

This week’s curry recipe test did not involve choosing a recipe at random. Instead, the recipe almost chose itself because of a planned roast. A roast leg of lamb dinner was planned for a Saturday night and there would be lots of leftover lamb to use up.

A couple of months ago, serendipity had provided a leftover lamb curry recipe. The approaching lamb roast dinner meant that I had to load the leftover lamb curry recipe onto the Curry Focus website so that it could be used for the leftover lamb.

I loaded up the leftover lamb curry recipe into the lamb curry recipes category and all was ready for the recipe test.

The ingredients for the curry are pretty standard curry ingredients and all I had to buy for the curry were the coconut cream and spinach leaves ingredients (there would be plenty of lamb).

Making the Leftover Lamb Curry

This is a really easy curry recipe to follow, like most of the curry recipes on the Curry Focus website.

Preparing the ingredients was easy peasy.

And cooking the curry was easy peasy as well.

The curry did not need much time to cook seeing that the lamb had been already cooked the day before. All in all, the cooking time was about 45 minutes.

Nothing went wrong with the cooking and I managed to enjoy a nice gin and tonic while doing my impression of a curry chef.

Tasting and Rating the Leftover Lamb Curry

The curry tasting team arrived on time and the curry was ready about 15 minutes after they arrived.

I served up the leftover lamb curry with basmati rice and the tasting crew quickly started in on the curry.

And this is a beautiful curry. The delicate pieces of lamb melted in the mouth and the great coconut and spinach tastes were easy to pick out. One of the team said that the curry tasted like a bought one and I’m still unsure whether that is a compliment. Anyway, the curry quickly disappeared and received a great taste score of 9 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot”.

There was a nice spice afterburn in the mouth for a few minutes once the curry had been eaten.


Make the Leftover Lamb Curry Again?

Definitely. This is a great curry that is so easy to make. The leftover lamb curry recipe will make an appearance whenever we have a lamb roast. Now that’s something to look for on a wet and chilly weekend.

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