Balti Lamb Kheema Curry Recipe Review

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A Balti Lamb Kheema Curry Recipe Test

The weekly search for a curry recipe to test, from the great range of curry recipes on the Curry Focus website, was underway again. There are lots of curry recipes that have not been tested yet but, luckily, I love my job.

I’ve had a lot of good results from lamb curry recipes and I found myself looking at the untested lamb curry recipes again. And there was a Balti Lamb Kheema curry recipe that was screaming to be tested. A kheema curry is made with minced (ground) meat. I could also have found this curry recipe by looking at the page of Balti curry recipes.

This is a pretty standard curry recipe although I did notice that there was a lot of onion in this recipe. Not that this put me off the curry recipe.

I bought the ingredients that I needed when out on my regular weekly shop. Nothing was hard to find and you could buy everything that you needed from a decent supermarket.

Making the Balti Lamb Kheema Curry

Preparing the ingredients did not take long at all. I got the potatoes cooking and finished preparing the rest of the ingredients just as the potatoes were ready.

The whole cooking process was really easy, like most of the Curry Focus curry recipes, and the cooking steps just flowed from one to the next.

About the only thing that needed attention was cooking the potatoes because I needed to cook the curry for 6 minutes more to get the potatoes cooked. On reflection, I think that the potato cubes that I made were bigger than they should have been (bigger potato cubes take longer to cook than smaller ones).

But a few minutes of extra cooking for the potatoes was not a big deal.

Tasting and Rating the Balti Lamb Kheema Curry

The curry was only a few minutes late in being ready and the recently arrived tasting team were happy to sit and chat while I got the food ready.

As usual, basmati rice accompanied the curry and soon everyone was tucking into the balti lamb kheema curry.

And this is a nice curry. Everything was well cooked and the curry had a pretty dry sauce. The tastes of garlic, cinnamon and coriander (cilantro) were lovely (none of them was overpowering). The curry was a bit sweet, which was probably due to the large amount of onion in the curry. Overall, the curry received a taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium To Hot”.

Make the Balti Lamb Kheema Curry Again?

Hum, not sure about this one. Although the curry received a high taste score, I was a bit unsure about it. I thought that the curry was nice but that was about it for me.

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