Chilli Chicken Curry Recipe Review

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A Chilli Chicken Curry Recipe Test

It is time for another curry recipe test. What shall it be this weekend? I had some chicken in the freezer that should be used so I looked at the untested chicken curry recipes. And there was a chilli chicken curry recipe that looked very easy to make. I’ve eaten chilli chicken curry in a curry house but never made one myself. And so the choice was made.

None of the ingredients are hard to find and I picked up the bits and pieces that I needed while out on my Saturday shopping trip. Long gone are the days when it was hard to find the spices needed to make a curry.

Making the Chilli Chicken Curry

There are no difficult steps or processes needed to make this curry. The recipe steps are very straightforward.

Everything was well cooked in the given cooking times.

Tasting and Rating the Chilli Chicken Curry

The curry tasting team arrived about 15 minutes before the scheduled eating time and happily chatted away while I was finishing cooking the curry.

I served up the Chilli Chicken Curry with basmati rice and everyone got stuck into the curry.

And this is a good curry but not a great curry. There was a general feeling that there was an indefinable something missing from the curry. Everything was well cooked but it was just average. I expected the curry to be hotter than it was, although the others were basically happy with the heat level. The curry received a taste score of 7.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium to Hot”.

Make the Chilli Chicken Curry Again?

I don’t think so. I found this to be just an average curry and there are lots of really great Curry Focus curries that I would prefer to make again.

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