Beef Massaman Curry Recipe (version 2) Review

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A Beef Massaman Curry Recipe Test

I bought some nice beef a couple of months ago but did not have a chance to use it at the time. Well, 2 months have gone by so I thought that I should make a beef curry now. I looked at the beef curry recipes that had not been tested yet and found an easy-looking beef massaman curry recipe. A beef curry with potatoes – yummy.

None of the ingredients for this curry are hard to find. I had to let the beef defrost and got the curry paste, beef stock, coconut milk and peanuts when I was doing my regular Saturday shop (I already had the rest of the ingredients).

Making the Beef Massaman Curry

There is nothing difficult about making this curry. I did the ingredient preparation before starting to cook and all went well.

But there was an obvious problem when I added the coconut milk (along with the beef stock) in that there was so much liquid. The original recipe called for 2 tins (cans) of coconut milk but I have changed the recipe to use only 1 tin (can) of coconut milk. I have been told that a Massaman curry has lots of sauce but the curry ingredients were swimming in 2 tins (cans). I think that 1 tin (can) is more than enough but there is nothing to stop you from adding a second tin (can) if that is what you want to do. As it stands now, the recipe still gives plenty of sauce.

Apart from the coconut milk situation, nothing was wrong with the recipe and everything was cooked as given in the recipe. Of course, this curry takes just over 2 hours to cook but it takes time to cook beef properly.

Tasting and Rating the Beef Massaman Curry

The curry tasting team arrived on time and it wasn’t too long before I was serving up the beef Massaman curry on basmati rice.

And everyone agreed that this is a really good curry. The beef and potatoes were well cooked and there was a nice peanut and coconut taste in the curry. About the only negative point was that the curry looked a bit drab and maybe some red or green ingredient could be found to be used to give the curry a bit of colour (a red pepper or green fresh coriander – cilantro – would do the job).

The curry received a taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Mild to Medium”.

Another success.

Make the Beef Massaman Curry Again?

Yes, I could easily make this curry again. Especially as the recipe now has only 1 tin (can) of coconut milk.

beef massaman curry (version 2) image

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