Kashmiri Chicken Curry Recipe Review

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A Kashmiri Chicken Curry Recipe Test

I do take recipe testing requests as long as they are sensible. This week I was asked to find a curry recipe for chicken thighs. There was no particular reason apart from the requester like eating curried chicken thighs. There were a couple of untested chicken curry recipes that I could choose from and I plumped for the Kashmiri Chicken Curry recipe.

I only needed to buy a few things for this recipe test and these were the chicken stock, chicken thighs and the Kashmiri chilli powder. I went to my favourite Indian spice supermarket and quickly found Kashmiri chilli powder so there was no problem in sourcing the needed ingredients with the chicken stock and chicken thighs being very easy to find.

Making the Kashmiri Chicken Curry

This is a really easy curry to make. There are no difficult steps to follow and everything went like clockwork.

And the chicken thighs were well nicely cooked in the scheduled time.

Tasting and Rating the Kashmiri Chicken Curry

The curry rating team arrived in good time to be settled when I served up the Kashmiri chicken curry with basmati rice.

The chicken was well cooked and the curry had a nice taste. Maybe a handful of fresh coriander (cilantro) would have added a bit of colour to the dish but the curry was good as it was. The sauce was a bit runny and I could have cooked it for longer at the end, with more heat, but having some leftover sauce was fine and I could have the sauce as soup the next day.

I did not remove any of the cardamoms or cloves so it was pot luck to see who got those. I kept an eye open for black cardamoms so that I could avoid them but the green cardamoms and cloves would just give a shot of taste if they were bitten into.

One good thing about eating chicken thigh meat on the bone is picking up the bone and chewing the meat off it.

The curry received a taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Mild to Medium”.

This was a popular chicken curry that had a gentle after burn around the mouth.

Make the Kashmiri Chicken Curry Again?

Yes, I may well make this curry again. It was an easy recipe to follow and produced a lovely curry. What more could anyone want?

Kashmiri chicken curry image

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