Potato and Onion Curry Recipe Review

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Potato and Onion Curry Recipe Test

Time for another curry recipe test and I’ve decided it will be another vegetarian curry recipe. I looked at the vegetarian curry recipes and found a very simple Potato and Onion curry recipe that I could use. Most of the Curry Focus potato curry recipies that have been tested have produced great vegetarian curries.

And this is another very economical curry for me because I already have all of the ingredients so there is no need for me to buy anything for the curry when I am out on my usual Saturday shop.

Making the Potato and Onion Curry

This is such a simple curry to make. I peeled and cut up the potatoes and, while they were parboiling, I quickly prepared the other ingredients – easy peasy.

Soon the main cooking started.

I was a bit anxious about cooking the potato cubes in the oil, fully expecting them to stick and burn. But they didn’t. Just goes to prove that I know little about cooking.

There was nothing difficult about cooking this curry and the curry tasting team arrived in plenty of time to have a quick beer before the curry was ready.

Tasting and Rating the Potato and Onion Curry

I served the potato and onion curry on rice to the assembled tasting team. And the comments were not good. The curry is basically yellow and boring to look at. And the taste is not that great either. I wondered if I had made a mistake and had made a side dish and served it up as a main, but a bit of Google searching showed that potato and onion curry is often a main curry. The curry was fairly bland and not very inspiring. The potato and rice basically meant that there a plateful of carbs for everyone to eat. The potato and onion curry was not very popular and only received a taste score of 6 out of 10, with a spice/heat rating of “Mild”.

Make the Potato and Onion Curry Again?

No. I will not be making this curry again. It was a very poor curry and there are lots of great recipes on the Curry Focus website that I would rather make again.

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