Lamb Keema Matar Curry Recipe Review

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A Lamb Keema Matar Curry Recipe Test

It’s time for another curry recipe test. What shall it be this weekend? I looked at the untested recipes and there was a Lamb Keema Matar curry recipe in the lamb curry recipes category that looks easy to make. It’s nice to see a lamb curry recipe that does not have coconut milk in it and a curry with peas (matar) is just too hard to resist.

None of the recipe ingredients are hard to find and I picked up the yogurt, lamb, beef stock and fresh coriander (cilantro) when I was doing my regular Saturday shopping.

Making the Lamb Keema Matar Curry

I noticed that the lamb needed to be marinated when I selecting the curry recipe so I did the necessary preparation and marinating during the afternoon so that the lamb would be ready for cooking in the evening.

I also remembered to get the frozen peas out of the freezer so they could be thawing at the same time that the lamb was marinating.

The remaining ingredient preparation was very minor and I started to actually cook the curry about an hour before the scheduled eating time.

As it turned out, the curry was ready to eat almost exactly on time.

Tasting and Rating the Lamb Keema Matar Curry Recipe

I served the Lamb Keema Matar Curry with basmati rice and the tasting team eagerly sampled the curry.

And this a great curry. The ingredients were well cooked using this simple curry recipe and the most common description was “lovely”. The curry was nice and dry due to curry being cooked for an extra 9 minutes to reduce the liquid so that the curry is dry.

The curry received a taste score of 9 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot”.

There was a nice after burn in our mouths once the curry had been tasted but nobody said that the curry was too spicy.

Make the Lamb Keema Matar Curry Again?

There is every likelihood that I will follow this recipe curry again. This is a very simple recipe to follow and the resultant curry was delicious.

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