Paleo Baked Cauliflower Rice Recipe Review

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A Paleo Baked Cauliflower Rice Recipe Test

I’ve been making Paleo baked cauliflower rice for a while now but have never written a recipe review so I thought that it was about time that I did.

Using cauliflower as a rice substitute is a common practice and, as at today, all of the Paleo recipes on the Curry Focus website are for cauliflower rice.

The recipe that I use is for Paleo Baked Cauliflower Rice.

The shopping needed for this recipe test is simply to buy a cauliflower. That’s it. This is a single ingredient recipe.

Making the Paleo Baked Cauliflower Rice

You can probably guess that following a recipe with a single ingredient is pretty straightforward.

The only preparation was to cut up the cauliflower florets, rinse the florets under the cold tap and use a food processor to chop the cauliflower into small grain-like pieces. About the only thing to avoid is chopping up the cauliflower too much which would result in the chopped cauliflower being more like a powder than like rice grains.

I started heating up the oven before preparing the cauliflower and I spread the cauliflower rice out in an oven tray.

I also heated up some frozen curries that I took out of the freezer and defrosted earlier today (I turned the heat down low so that the curries kept cooking while I made the cauliflower rice).

The tasting team arrived just as I started to cook the cauliflower rice.

Tasting and Rating the Paleo Baked Cauliflower Rice

I served up the curries on the Paleo baked cauliflower rice and the tasting began.

The cauliflower rice was well cooked and tasted great. The cauliflower rice is a great accompaniment for a curry. The cauliflower rice looks good, tastes good and a serving has fewer calories than a serving of basmati rice (the cauliflower rice has about 25% of the calories in basmati rice).

This is such an easy dish to make.

The cauliflower rice received a taste score of 9 out of 10 with a spice/heat level of “None”.

Make the Paleo Baked Cauliflower Rice Again?

Yes, I will definitely make this cauliflower rice again. It is tasty, healthy and very easy to make.

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