Vegetable Makhanwala Curry Recipe Review

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A Vegetable Makhanwala Curry Recipe Test

I seem to have been making a lot of meat curries just lately so I decided to switch to a vegetarian curry recipe to test this weekend. I looked at the vegetarian curry recipes that had not been tested and there was a Vegetarian Makhanwala curry recipe that caught my attention.

I was not sure what makhanwala meant so used Google to find out. Basically it means cooked in a rich sauce with the ingredients usually having butter and cream. I scanned the ingredients in the Vegetarian Makhanwala recipe and they included milk and cream. And there are about 500 calories in a single serving of the curry, with another 200 calories if eating rice with the curry.

So this is a high calorie curry. Should I make it? Well, why not? It’s not as if I eat a high calorie curry that often.

My shopping this weekend included getting the vegetables, milk and cream. The ingredients are easy enough to find.

Making the Vegetable Makhanwala Curry

About the only thing that I found tiresome with this recipe is doing the initial cooking of the vegetables. Cooking the vegetables found me leaping around the kitchen boiling water, cooking a vegetable, draining the vegetable and then moving on to the next vegetable. On reflection, I should have cooked all of the vegetables together.

It was easy enough to mix the milk, flour and cream and the actual curry cooking steps were no problem. And cooking the curry was quicker than cooking the vegetables.

The tasting team arrived on time and expressed surprise at finding me making a curry with cream in it. But I notice they did not decide to skip a curry this weekend.

Tasting and Rating the Vegetable Makhanwala Curry

I served the vegetable makhanwala curry with basmati rice to the tasting team and everyone got stuck into the curry.

And it was good. As expected, the curry was creamy and rich. The vegetables were well cooked. I had expected the curry to be bland but, surprisingly, it wasn’t. The curry was pretty light in colour but the vegetables managed to give a bit of colour to stop the curry from looking too pale. The spice/heat level was “Mild” but there was a definite bit of a bite to the curry (but not enough to earn a “Mild to Medium” spice/heat rating). The curry received a taste score of 7.5 out of 10 and everyone was happy with the curry.

Make the Vegetable Makhanwala Curry Again?

I liked this curry but don’t think that I could eat it often. I’m not really into rich, creamy, curries. But you should try this curry for yourself if you like creamy curries.

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