Lahore Lamb Curry Recipe Review

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A Lahore Lamb Curry Recipe Test

Another weekend. Another curry. Are you getting fed up with me saying that? Ha!

I decided to let the tasting team vote for a curry this weekend and this is about the first time that I have let democracy reach my kitchen. I usually decide which curry recipe to try seeing that I am the cook and it is my kitchen. But this weekend I let the team choose.

Lamb curry is always popular with the regular members of the curry tasting team and they voted for a lamb curry. I looked at the lamb curry recipes and opted for the Lahore lamb curry. This seemed to be an easy curry to make and most lamb curries that I’ve made turn out great. I have no idea about the characteristics of a Lahore curry. Lahore is in the Punjab region of Pakistan and is the second largest city in Pakistan. But what makes a curry a Lahore curry? Maybe I’ll find out some day.

I bought the lamb during my regular Saturday shopping trip. I was running low on chillies and also called in at my favourite Indian supermarket to grab a few juicy chillies. I usually buy a couple of dozen chillies at a time and pop them into the freezer. They defrost really quickly when held under the cold tap.

None of the lamb curry ingredients are hard to find and can be found in most supermarkets.

Making the Lahore Lamb Curry

I said earlier that this seemed to be an easy curry recipe. And it was. There was nothing at all complicated about preparing the ingredients or making the curry.

I did note that there were 4 fresh green chillies used in the recipe so this was probably going to be a hot curry. A hot lamb curry is something to savour and enjoy.

Once the ingredients had been prepared it was only a matter of following the simple steps to actually make the curry. Easy.

Tasting and Rating the Lahore Lamb Curry

I served the Lahore lamb curry with basmati rice to the curry tasting team.

And this is a great lamb curry. The recipe works and everything blended together really well. There was a strong cinnamon aroma when the curry was being cooked and the cinnamon could be tasted in the curry. The lamb was well cooked and the curry had a clean taste. There was a bit too much liquid when the curry was ready so I turned up the heat and blasted it for a while until the sauce thickened – I could see that there was going to be too much liquid and so could adjust the cooking in plenty of time.

This is a spicy “Hot” curry which received a great taste score of 9 out of 10.

This lamb curry recipe is a winner that leaves a nice after burn in the mouth (not too hot).

Make the Lahore Lamb Curry Again?

Yes, I will definitely make this curry again. A great tasting curry that is easy to make.

Lahore lamb curry image

A Lahore Lamb Curry Recipe Test

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