Chicken Vindaloo Curry Recipe (version 2) Review

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A Chicken Vindaloo Curry Recipe Test

The British obsession with vindaloo curries is well known. I like spicy hot curries but tend to avoid curries that are too hot because all you can taste is the heat. Taste buds give up with some really hot curries.

Why this week’s interest in vindaloo curries? One of the regular curry tasters was not going to be around this weekend and I called in a substitute who I knew like curries. I asked him what he liked and he immediately responded with the “v” word. Hum.

There is a category for vindaloo curry recipes on the Curry Focus website and I looked at the untested recipes to see if there was a vindaloo curry recipe that could be tested this weekend (I know that the other regular curry tasters like spicy curries so knew that they would be OK with this week’s curry choice). And there was a nice, easy, chicken vindaloo curry recipe that I thought would hit the spot for this week’s curry tasters.

All of the ingredients for this vindaloo curry are easy to find, like they are for most curry recipes on the Curry Focus website. All I had to buy for this curry were the chicken thighs and I bought them with the bone in.

Making the Chicken Vindaloo Curry

This is straightforward chicken vindaloo curry recipe and there is nothing tricky to trip up the average curry cook.

I parboiled the potatoes, made up the vinegar and spices mixture and then prepared the rest of the ingredients so that I would be all ready to do the actual curry cooking. The total cooking time for the curry is about 60 minutes so I started the cooking an hour from the planned eating time.

As usual, I had a nice gin and tonic to keep me company in the kitchen.

I used my largest saucepan for this curry seeing that there was so much chicken in the curry.

Nothing went wrong while I was cooking the curry. The onions took a long time to cook (about 22 minutes) but 2 large onions do take a long time to cook properly.

Tasting and Rating the Chicken Vindaloo Curry

The curry tasting team arrived in plenty of time for the chicken vindaloo curry and they settled down in the kitchen to chat while the master chef (me) was busy.

About 15 minutes late, I served up the chicken vindaloo curry on basmati rice to the keen curry eaters.

And this was a good chicken vindaloo curry. The chicken was well cooked and there was lots of onion. The onion made the curry a bit sweet but the vinegar kept the vindaloo from getting too sweet. The only negative comments were that there was too much gravy/liquid and that there was not much colour to the curry. Apart from that, all was good. The chicken vindaloo curry received a taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium to Hot”.

Make the Chicken Vindaloo Curry Again?

I’m not sure. It was a lovely vindaloo curry but there are better vindaloo curry recipes on the Curry Focus website. You can get an indication from the vindaloo curry recipe review page. I would add another chilli and put in less boiling water when making the curry (so that there would be less gravy/liquid).

Make again? Maybe not.

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