Thai Coconut and Vegetable Curry (version 2) Recipe Review

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A Thai Coconut and Vegetable Curry Recipe Test

My journey through the great range of Curry Focus curry recipes continues and this weekend I decided to test one of the vegetarian curry recipes. The vegetarian curry recipes category has lots of easy and tasty vegetarian recipes for anybody to try for themselves.

I looked through the recipe category and my eyes settled on the Thai Coconut and Vegetable Curry recipe. This looked like an easy curry to make and the recipe had kumara as an ingredient. A kumara is a sweet potato. A quick look at Google and I found out that sweet potato is called kumara in New Zealand. Did this recipe come from somebody who had immigrated to New Zealand? I’ll probably never know.

The ingredients for this recipe are easy to find (even the sweet potato is widely available in the UK and USA). I bought the sweet potato, a jar of red curry paste, pumpkin, snow peas and a tin of coconut milk when doing my usual Saturday shop.

Making the Thai Coconut and Vegetable Curry

This curry recipe will be familiar to anybody who makes curries with recipes from the subcontinent.

The starting point is heating some vegetable oil and then frying the onion, garlic and ginger.

The next step is to add the curry spices which are in the curry paste in this recipe.

After that, the coconut milk and vegetables are added and cooked. The sweet potato and pumpkin are added to the saucepan long before the snow peas are added because it takes longer to cook them.

The regular tasting team arrived about 10 minutes before eating time and they loved the aromas wafting around the kitchen.

Tasting and Rating the Thai Coconut and Vegetable Curry

I served up the Thai coconut and vegetable curry on a bed of basmati rice and the team eagerly started to eat the curry.

And everybody enjoyed the curry. There was the usual lovely coconut taste, the pumpkin and sweet potato were well cooked and the snow peas were a bit crunchy.

The curry received a taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium to Hot”.

Everyone’s mouth was nice and warm after having eaten the curry – not burned but warm.

A lovely curry.

easy chicken thai coconut and vegetable curry image

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