Easy Chicken Bhuna Curry Recipe Review

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An Easy Chicken Bhuna Curry Recipe Test

Another weekend is here and therefore it is time for another curry recipe test. I browsed through the untested curry recipes on the Curry Focus website looking for an easy curry to make. For readers of my previous blogs, it will come as no surprise that I look for an easy recipe. Well, why not? I do not see why it should be difficult, or complicated, to produce a tasty meal.

And I found an Easy Chicken Bhuna Curry recipe that I could try. The title says it all. There is a page of bhuna curry recipes that you can try for yourself if you like a bhuna style curry.

This is a pretty standard curry recipe and none of the ingredients were difficult to find. In fact, all I had to buy this weekend was the chicken (I already had everything else) and I bought the chicken when doing my regular Saturday shop.

Making the Easy Chicken Bhuna Curry

As I suspected when I first read the recipe, this really is an easy curry to make.

The full cooking time for this curry is about 40 minutes so I started to prepare the ingredients an hour before the planned eating time.

And everything in the preparation and cooking phases went really smoothly. No surprises or disasters.

I made the bhuna curry in my big saucepan.

The tasting team arrived in plenty of time for the curry.

I did note that there was a lot of liquid in the curry, even though I cranked up the heat for the final 10 minute cooking phase.

Tasting and Rating the Easy Chicken Bhuna Curry

I served up the easy chicken bhuna curry on basmati rice to the eager diners (I did not serve up all the liquid but did not throw it away).

And the chicken bhuna curry was good, really good. The bhuna had a nice taste of spices with just a hint of background lemon juice. The chicken was well cooked.

The bhuna received a spice/heat rating of “Medium”, which was a bit milder than I thought that it should be (for a bhuna). Overall, this curry was given an average taste score of 7.5 out of 10.

As mentioned before, there was a lot of liquid in this curry and this is not usual for a bhuna curry. As far as I know, a bhuna curry should be a dry curry. Maybe it should have been cooked with tomato paste (or puree) instead of a tin (can) of chopped tomatoes. A little hot water could have been added if the curry was too dry and the ingredients were in danger of burning.

As it stands, this recipe produces a basic chicken curry. This is not a curry recipe that I shall be following again.

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