Chicken and Coconut Curry (version 1) Recipe Review

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A Chicken and Coconut Curry Recipe Test

For the non-vegetarians among us, it is hard to imagine a bad chicken and coconut curry (unless you don’t like the taste of coconut). I saw an untested chicken and coconut curry recipe when I was scanning the list of recipes that I had not tested yet and it looked easy and that it should be a good recipe.

All of the usual curry-making steps were there, including frying cumin seeds, sauteing onion, cooking ginger, garlic and chopped fresh chillies, adding the main ingredient (in this recipe, it was chicken) and adding some salt and pepper. A couple of more ingredients were needed but nothing out of the ordinary.

The ingredients were easy to find (I had most of them) and so I bought the chicken and chicken stock when out doing my usual Saturday morning shop (I know how to have a good time).

Making the Chicken and Coconut Curry

Once again, this is a really easy recipe to follow with no complicated steps to go wrong. The first few curry steps were the common steps needed to make a curry. After the chicken was sealed, I added the chicken stock, along with the salt and pepper and then cooked the curry with the frying pan lid on. Then I reduced the liquid in the frying pan before adding the coconut milk and doing the final cooking step.

One thing that crossed my mind was that the chicken would be cooking in liquid for a long time (about 40 minutes) and I wondered if this was too much and maybe the chicken would end up being tough. But I followed the curry recipe as it was sent in to the Curry Focus website.

Tasting and Rating the Chicken and Coconut Curry

As usual, the curry tasting team arrived in plenty of time for the meal (anybody would think that they were hungry) and I served up the Chicken and Coconut Curry at roughly the planned eating time.

And the curry was great. The chicken was tender (not tough as I thought that it might be). There was obviously the main taste of coconut milk. And there was a strong taste of salt, presumably because the chicken stock would have had a fair bit of salt in it. Another background taste was cumin, even though the curry only had 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds in it. The sauce was a bit sloppy, despite the boiling to reduce the amount of liquid – I suppose another 5 minutes of heat would have got rid of enough liquid to describe the sauce as being dry.

All told, the curry was very popular and received a taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot”.

Once again, another successful curry and one that I will definitely make again.

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