Beef Momos Recipe Review

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A Beef Momos Recipe Test

My previous recipe test review was for a chilli sambal recipe. I had made this sambal specifically to eat with beef momos.

I’ve only recently found out about beef momos that are a very popular street food which originated in Tibet. Once I decided to test the Beef Momos recipe (that is listed among the “Starter and Snack Recipes“), it was obvious to me that I should make a hot chilli sauce/paste and the chilli sambal recipe was ideal because it was extremely quick and easy to make so I could get on with making the momos while the chilli sambal was cooling in the fridge.

Back to the momos.

The beef momos recipe that I would be testing would make momos that looked a bit like little samosas, with a filling wrapped in dough before being cooked. Apart from the size, momos differ from samosas in that they are steamed, rather than deep fried.

I checked the list of needed ingredients and added the ones that I needed to my shopping list (I needed to buy everything except for water, salt and vegetable oil). I got all of the ingredients from my favourite Indian supermarket, except for the fresh coriander (cilantro). The supermarket had fresh coriander (cilantro) but it was a bit manky so I called in at a greengrocers and bought some there. So there was really no problem in sourcing the ingredients (except for quality).

Making the Beef Momos

Making the momos was not very difficult but the cooking proved a bit of a muddle for me (note that I said “for me” – it was not the recipe’s fault).

I made the dough after a bit of fiddling around. Firstly it was too hard so I added a little water and then it was too soft and sticky. So I gradually added a little more flour until I had a dough consistency that was wanted. I often have this performance with making dough so it didn’t stress me. I kneaded the dough and then left it while I made up the filling.

There was no real effort needed to make the filling as it was just a matter of chopping up the spring onions and coriander and then mixing them up with the minced (ground) beef, salt and beef stock.

I split the dough into 4 parts and turned one of the parts into a big flat round. Then I used a mug to produce little rounds that were just a tad over 7.5cm (3 inches) in diameter. I got 7 little rounds out of the big round that I made and then scrunched up the leftover dough, rolled it flat and got another 3 little rounds out of this leftover dough.

Making up the momos is pretty easy. I put a teaspoon of the filling on a dough round, folded the dough over, tamped down the edges and set the uncooked momo to the side. I did this with the rest of the rounds until I had 10 uncooked momos ready.

Tasting and Rating the Beef Momos

I got the hot water boiling in my steamer and added the 5 uncooked momos, after having brushed the edge with vegetable oil. Then I put the lid on the steamer and cooking of the first batch of momos was underway.

After 15 minutes, I took the momos out of the steamer and ate them, using the chilli sambal that I made earlier. The sambal was great but I found the momos were a bit stodgy. But I figured out pretty quickly what the problem had been. I did not have an all-in-one steamer. I had a saucepan with holes in the bottom and this saucepan sat on top of another saucepan and then I had a lid for the top saucepan. This was sold as a steamer system (I had bought this years ago) but the steaming was not as efficient as with a proper steamer because when the water was boiling away in the bottom saucepan, a lot of steam was coming out of the join of the two saucepans. Pressure was lost because of this.

So I compensated for this. I made up the next batch of 5 momos and this time I steamed them for 20 minutes. And they were great.

Now I had to find out if cooking for even longer would produce better results so I made another 10 momos from the filling and the next part of the dough. I cooked 5 momos for 25 minutes and another 5 momos for 30 minutes. I couldn’t detect any difference between these momos and the 20 minute batch.

At this stage I had eaten 20 momos and was no longer hungry.

But I wondered what would happen if I made slightly larger momos. I had a mug that was a little bigger than my first one – this new mug produced rounds that were 9cm (3.5 inches) in diameter. I made up 10 more uncooked momos (there was just enough dough to do this) and then cooked the first 5 for 20 minutes. And these slightly larger momos were just as good as the smaller ones.

By this time, I had 25 momos inside me and I was almost waddling around the kitchen.

But the cavalry came to my rescue because one of the regular tasting team arrived and I cooked up the 5 remaining momos for him. And he loved them.

We rated the momos and they received a taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot” (thanks to the chilli sambal).

At this stage I was completely full (with 25 momos inside me) and the tasting team member was not hungry (having eaten dinner before coming around) so I abandoned the last piece of dough and cooked and ate the remaining momo filling the next day on toast (I was still pretty full for most of the next day).

Make the Beef Momos Again?

I will definitely make beef momos again. Momos may take longer to prepare than curries but the end results are great and worth the extra effort. I will get the full tasting team around soon so that they can discover the delights of momos. I see that there is a lamb momos recipe so I think that I’ll test that one, rather than repeat the beef momos test.

I’m stuck with my old steamer saucepan set and cannot see myself buying a “proper” steamer for the sake of testing a couple of momo recipes. So I’ll adjust the cooking time for the lamb momos so they should be properly cooked the first time around.

One thing that bothers me a little is that I cannot get more than 5 momos in my steamer at a time so I need to find out either how to keep cooked momos warm or how to heat them up without overcooking them. I’m sure that Google will help me find out the answer.

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