Chilli Sambal Recipe Review

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A Chilli Sambal Recipe Test

Over the years I’ve tested lots of curry recipes on the Curry Focus website. Luckily, most of the recipes are pretty simple and I’ve had few problems. If a bad curry was produced then it was usually down to the recipe, rather than me. I’ve steered clear of doing anything tricky, unless I could help it.

I’ve dabbled with a couple of recipes that need a bit more effort than making a curry. I’ve tested and blogged 2 samosa recipes. But I usually test a straightforward curry recipe.

And now it is time for me to leave my comfort zone a little and make some more complex dishes.

Somebody started to talk to me about momos a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t really know what momos were until then. Momos are an extremely popular street food that originally came from Tibet. They are often described as dumplings. But this doesn’t really make them attractive to me. I’ve eaten lots of dumplings in my time and found them to be stodgy balls of dough that float around in stews.

But momos are not this kind of dumplings. They are little parcels of filling that are wrapped in dough. A bit like samosas but smaller. Unlike samosas, momos are steamed rather than deep fried.

I read up about momos a little and found out that they should be eaten with a hot chutney. Instead of buying a hot chutney for the momos, I decided to make one from the Curry Focus website, if there was such a recipe.

I looked at the range of chutney, pickle and relish recipes and there was a very simple chilli sambal recipe that I could make (a sambal is a hot sauce that has chilli as the main ingredient). There are only seven ingredients in the chilli sambal recipe and only one real step to make the sambal.

I had all of the ingredients, except for the spring onion, and bought some spring onions when I was out doing my weekly shop.

Making the Chilli Sambal

This really might be the easiest recipe to follow on the Curry Focus website. I got all of the ingredients together then put them into the food processor and blended them into a kind of paste. Topping, tailing and cutting up the spring onion was the most complicated process – hardly difficult.

Then I popped the paste into a small bowl, covered the bowl with kitchen film and the put the bowl into the fridge to cool.

Tasting and Rating the Chilli Sambal

We ate the chilli sambal with the momos (here is the review of the beef momos recipe).

The sambal was not really a paste, it was more like a liquid with lumps in it. That makes the sambal sound awful. But it wasn’t – it was great. The sambal was hot and spicy and went really well with the momos.

The chilli sambal received a taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot”.

This is a lovely sambal that is soooooo easy to make. If you need a hot sauce/chutney then why not try this recipe?

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