Lamb Saag Curry Recipe Review

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A Lamb Saag Curry Recipe Test

Last week’s matar (peas) pulao recipe test was a success, which just goes to prove that I do make vegetarian curry recipes.

This week the regular curry tasting team could not make the weekly curry tasting schedule so I brought in a couple of reserves (more like wild cards). I never seem to have much trouble getting people to come along and enjoy a good curry.

I needed a recipe that would produce a great curry so the stand-ins would be suitably impressed. I’ve had good success with lamb curries over the years and I eagerly scanned the lamb curry recipes on the Curry Focus website to see if there was anything suitable for me to try this weekend.

And there was a lamb saag curry recipe just begging for me to choose it. I looked through the recipe and it was all pretty standard stuff.

And there was an extra bonus with this recipe because the last step takes 90 minutes. This meant that I could do all of the preparation and the bulk of the cooking before the tasters arrived. And it meant that they could arrive a bit early and we could all have a good chat and a couple of drinks before trying out the curry. All I would need to do was stir the curry every now and again and start up the microwave to cook the rice at the appropriate time. Wonders will never cease – I had a plan.

I bought the lamb and the other bits and pieces when out on my regular Saturday shop. All the ingredients are standard and easy to find.

Making the Lamb Saag Curry

Like most of the Curry Focus recipes, there is nothing really tricky about making this curry. I prepared and cooked the spinach and made the onion paste before starting the actual cooking. I finished doing the preparation of the other ingredients and then relaxed for long enough to enjoy a nice gin and tonic.

The cooking time for the curry is about 2 hours and I started exactly 2 hours from the planned eating time. All of the sautéing and frying went smoothly enough and pretty soon everything was in one of my largest saucepan and the last, long, cooking step started.

Tasting and Rating the Lamb Saag Curry

The tasting team reserves arrived about an hour before we supposed to eat and we enjoyed a couple of drinks and lots of talking while the curry was cooking. I disappeared into the kitchen every now and again to do some stirring and starting up the microwave to cook the basmati rice.

I served up the Lamb Saag Curry on basmati rice to the hungry tasters and it went quiet while everyone took a few mouthfuls of the curry. And then the comments flowed. Everyone enjoyed the curry. The lamb was nice and tender and the mild curry had a lovely taste. The lamb saag curry received a taste score of 8 out of 10.

Personally, I think the lamb saag curry could do with a bit of heat and I’ll add a chilli if I make this curry again.

The reserve tasters requested a promotion to the main team so I think they enjoyed the curry as well as the novelty of somebody else cooking their Sunday dinner.

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