Matar (Peas) Pulao Recipe Review

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Matar (Peas) Pulao Recipe Test

The last few recipes that I’ve written about have all had meat in them and I was getting the heavy word from a couple of vegetarian friends wanting to see some action on a vegetarian dish. I asked them for ideas and out popped the request for a pulao recipe test. There are several alternative ways to spell pulao, the most common are pilaf, pilav and pilau. Basically, a pulao is where everything, including the rice, is cooked together. This differs from a biryani where the rice and curry are cooked separately and then layered together for the final cooking step.

I like pulao dishes and looked at the pulao recipes on the Curry Focus website to find a recipe to test. And the Matar Pulao recipe was one that attracted me. Matar means peas and who doesn’t like eating peas? Once again there are a few alternative ways to spell matar, with mattar, mutter and matter being ones that I’ve seen.

The matar pulao recipe is a very simple recipe that did not need many ingredients or cooking steps. So it was decided.

And, for the first time in ages, I had all of the needed ingredients so did not need to buy any of them when out doing my Saturday shop.

Making the Matar (Peas) Pulao

This is such an easy recipe to follow. After preparing the ingredients all I had to do was heat the oil, cook things for 4 minutes, cook other things for 5 minutes and, finally, cook the remaining things for 15 minutes. Hardly a great challenge in the kitchen. About the only thing to take note of is that the frozen peas need to be thawed so I had to take them out of the freezer in plenty of time to let them naturally defrost.

Tasting and Rating the Matar (Peas) Pulao

The curry tasting crew arrived ahead of the planned eating time and were happily sitting at the table when I served up the matar pulao.

The matar pulao was really good and was a hit with everyone. Everything was well cooked. It was a nice but plain pulao. I think that there could have been a few more peas in the pulao. Even though there were few spices, there was a definite taste from the black cardamom.

The pulao received a taste score of 7.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Very Mild”. Personally, I like a bit of a bite and I’ll add a fresh chilli if I make this pulao again.

matar (peas) pulao image

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