Pork Vindaloo Curry Recipe Review

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A Pork Vindaloo Curry Recipe Test

Time for another curry recipe test so Saturday morning saw me looking for a curry recipe that I had no tested before. And I found a pork vindaloo curry recipe.

The thing that surprised me is that this vindaloo recipe has been on the Curry Focus website for nearly 6 years and I had not tried it yet. I like a tasty vindaloo but not too hot. This recipe did not look like the vindaloo would be really hot so I decided to make it this weekend. There is a category of vindaloo recipes if you want to see the full vindaloo list.

The ingredients for this curry are easy enough to find. The pork in my favourite butcher shop did not look great so I ended up buying the pork in my local supermarket. About the only other thing that I need to buy was the beef stock.

Making the Pork Vindaloo Curry

I nearly messed up with this curry because I didn’t realise that I had to marinate the pork. Silly really because most vindaloo curries are marinated. However, I remembered at the last minute and I was preparing the pork and the marinade late into the evening. Not to worry and the actual cooking took place with minimal problems.

It was hard to see if the pork was sealed during the cooking because of the amount of liquid that was in the marinade but I just guessed and it all turned out OK.

The rest of the cooking was easy enough. I like a dryish curry so made sure to thicken the sauce during the last cooking step.

Tasting and Rating the Pork Vindaloo Curry

The tasting team arrived in plenty of time for the food (I knew that they would not be late for a vindaloo) and I served up the Pork Vindaloo Curry with basmati rice (my favourite).

The pork was well cooked and nice and tender. The stock made the curry a bit salty but this did not detract from the curry, although more salt would have spoiled the taste. And the addition of sugar at the end made the curry a bit sweet (funny that). There was a nice cinnamon aroma and, all in all, this was a tasty vindaloo curry. The curry received a spice/heat rating of “Medium” (although there was a nice bit of after burn in the mouth after eating it) and got a taste score of 8 out of 10.

This is a good vindaloo curry recipe. If you like your vindaloos hot then you could always add a fresh chilli to give it a bit of a kick.

pork vindaloo curry image

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