Lamb Dhansak Curry Recipe Review

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A Lamb Dhansak Curry Recipe Test

The weekend is here again so it is time for another curry recipe to be tested. I looked through the untested curry recipes and found a lamb dhansak curry recipe that I had not tested before. A dhansak curry usually has lentils in it and this recipe was no exception. This looked like a very easy lamb curry recipe to try and this is always a major plus for me.

The ingredients that I needed were easy enough to find and I bought the lamb, stock (I couldn’t find lamb stock so I got beef stock) and lentils.

Making the Lamb Dhansak Curry

I prepared the ingredients before starting to do any cooking and did not encounter any problems.

The total cooking time for the curry would be about two hours so I started cooking two hours before the planned eating time.

Browning the lamb was easy enough and I had to split the lamb into 3 batches.

There was a lot of liquid in the saucepan once the lamb had been browned but the onions cooked OK and most of the liquid had been absorbed into the onion before the onion was cooked.

Once that was done, all that had to happen was mix in all the other ingredients, bring the curry to the boil and then tip the curry into a casserole before popping it into the oven for 90 minutes.

Nearly done. All that had to happen was stir the curry every 30 minutes and then start to cook the rice so that it would be ready at the same time as the curry.

Tasting and Rating the Lamb Dhansak Curry

I served up the lamb dhansak curry on basmati rice to the recently assembled tasting team.

The lamb was well cooked and the sauce was thick and not runny at all.

The first thing that everybody commented on was the overpowering taste of cardamom. On reflection, this was not surprising seeing that the recipe called for the seeds from 10 green cardamom pods. This is a lot. Normally you would expect to use only 3 or 4 cardamom pods. But here’s the strange thing – after a couple of mouthfuls, the overpowering taste disappeared. Do taste buds compensate for this type of thing happening? It was strange how quickly the overpowering taste went away.

The lentils were well cooked and gave that typical lentil taste that is in lots of dhansak curries.

The lamb dhansak curry received a taste score of 7.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Mild”.

I enjoyed this curry and will make it again. I will cut back on the cardamom seeds and maybe add another half of a fresh chilli to give it a bit of bite.

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