Balti Beef and Mushroom Curry Recipe Review

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Curry Time Again

Another Saturday has arrived so it is time to choose a curry recipe to test. This weekend was going to be a bit different because two of the curry tasting team were deserting and going to a concert. This meant that there would only be 2 tasters for this week’s curry. I looked through the untested curry recipes and pretty quickly I found the perfect curry recipe in the Balti curry recipes category. It was the Balti beef and mushroom curry recipe and it was perfect because the recipe serves 2 people. It also looked to be a really easy curry to make.

This is almost certainly a curry invented by the British. I’ve seen recipes for beef curries and mushroom curries but putting them together in the same curry is something of a British twist.

The curry ingredients were easy enough to find and I bought them when I was out doing my usual Saturday shop.

Making the Balti Beef and Mushroom Curry

Late Sunday afternoon saw me in the kitchen preparing my usual large gin and tonic before starting to prepare the ingredients. And preparing the ingredients was not complicated at all and pretty soon everything was ready for me to don my chef’s hat (I don’t really have a chef’s hat – it’s an imaginary chef’s hat).

This is an easy Balti curry to make, much like most Balti curries.

And this is also a fast curry to make, with it being basically a stir-fry. The cooking time for the curry is only about 15 minutes.

With this mainly being a stir-fry curry, the cooking steps were quite short and simple to follow.

And it took almost the same amount of time to cook the rice as it took to cook the curry. Very fast.

Tasting and Rating the Balti Beef and Mushroom Curry

I served up the Balti Beef and Mushroom Curry on basmati (as per usual) and the two of us eagerly got stuck in to the curry.

Everything was well cooked and the curry was very tasty. The serving was quite large but that suited me fine seeing that I had a busy day and lunch was a quick sandwich – so nice to have a good curry for dinner. The spice/heat level was only “Mild” and I would have wanted it to be a bit hotter (next time I’ll add a chilli). But this was a successful recipe test and the curry received a taste score of 8 out of 10.

balti beef and mushroom curry image

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