Tandoori Chicken Recipe (version 2) Review

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Weekend Curry Time

I was pushed toward the tandoori recipes by one of the tasting team who wanted to try a tandoori chicken curry recipe. I’m open to curry recipe requests so I had a look at the untested chicken tandoori recipes. There was a really simple tandoori chicken curry recipe waiting to be tested. Quick selection. Perfect.

Find the Curry Ingredients

Even though none of the recipe ingredients appeared to be hard to find, I could not find any chicken drumsticks that were skinless. I tried a couple of places but ended up buying drumsticks with the skin on – I would remove the skin myself during the preparation phase.

Apart from the drumsticks, everything else was sitting in the supermarket and all I had to buy was the yogurt.

I had a container of lemon slices in the freezer that I used with gin and tonics. The sacrifices I make in my quest for the perfect curry.

Making the Tandoori Chicken Curry

All of the work in making this meal is in the preparation. And the chicken needs to marinate for at least 8 hours so I did the preparation on Saturday evening.

I made up the marinade and then attacked the chicken drumsticks with a pair of scissors and a paring knife. It was a bit of a struggle at times but I managed to remove the skin on the drumsticks without removing any of my fingers (I’ve had a couple of exciting times with knives in the past, including a very long visit to my local hospital’s Accident and Emergency department).

I put the chicken drumsticks in a flat ovenproof dish, poured in the marinade and turned the drumsticks over, making sure they were well covered with the marinade.

Then all I had to do was cover the dish with kitchen film and pop it into the fridge.

The last real recipe cooking instructions were to preheat the oven and then put the dish with the drumsticks into the oven (after removing the kitchen film).

Then all I had to do was start the rice cooking so that the 2 dishes were ready at the same time. I know that the recipe says to serve the tandoori chicken on salad but I decided to serve it on rice instead.

I served up the tandoori chicken curry on basmati rice to the recently assembled tasting team.

Tasting and Rating the Tandoori Chicken Curry

The chicken was well cooked and everyone enjoyed eating the tandoori chicken. The tandoori had a lovely taste, which included a strong lemon flavour – there really was no need to have lemon wedges with the tandoori and I did not bother using the ones on my plate (maybe I’ll keep the wedges for my next gin and tonic). The sauce was a nice, sloppy, tomato and yogurt based sauce. The tandoori chicken received a taste score of 7 out of 10 with a spice/heat level of “Very Mild”.

This recipe makes a big meal and there were drumsticks and sauce left over for tomorrow. Nice.

Make the Tandoori Chicken Curry Again?

I must confess that the tandoori chicken meal does not do much for me. I would argue that it isn’t really a curry and I find it too bland.

So I won’t be making the tandoori chicken again.

But if you’re a fan of this dish, you may well find it to be really tasty.

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