Shimla Spice Chicken Madras Curry Recipe Review

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Time to Find a Curry Recipe

Another weekend rolls around and the search for a great curry recipe to test is here again. I looked at the untested chicken curry recipes and there was a Shimla spice chicken Madras curry recipe that looked like a good candidate for a curry recipe test.

I knew nothing about Shimla so turned to Google to find out some basic facts. Shimla is the capital of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, which is in the far north of India and borders Jammu, Kashmir and Punjab. The main thing that I found out is that the population of Himachal Pradesh is predominantly non-vegetarian. I could not work out why the recipe that I was about to try was called a Shimla spice recipe. Is Shimla spice a style of spice or a style of cooking? If you know then let me know – I would love to know.

I now had a simple chicken curry recipe to try. Nice.

Sourcing the Curry Ingredients

None of the ingredients for this curry are hard to find. All I needed to buy was the chicken and tomatoes when doing my Saturday morning shop.

Making the Shimla Spice Chicken Madras Curry

This is one of the easier curry recipes to follow.

I prepared the ingredients and then started to cook the curry about 40 minutes from the planned eating time.

And everything went smoothly. No burnt or overcooked ingredients. The sauce was a bit runny once the curry was cooked so I turned up the heat and reduced the liquid for a few minutes.

Almost bang on time I served up the Shimla Spice Chicken Madras Curry on basmati rice.

Tasting and Rating the Shimla Spice Chicken Madras Curry

The full tasting team got stuck into the latest chicken curry and pretty soon declared it to be great. The sauce was a bit basic and maybe some garam masala would have jazzed it up a bit. But it was still OK. The chicken was well cooked and the curry tasted great, receiving a taste score of 8 out of 10. The spice/heat level was “Medium” and left a nice after burn in the mouth. Unlike most Madras curry recipes we’ve seen, this one did not have any coconut in it but I don’t think that this detracted from the enjoyment of the curry.

Make the Shimla Chicken Madras Curry Again?

This is a good chicken curry recipe and one that I will definitely add to the “make again” curry recipe list.

shimla spice chicken madras curry image

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