How to Cool Down a Curry

Curry too spicy hot to eat? How can you cool down a curry that is too hot?

curry too hot

The spice heat in a curry comes mainly from chilli. If you have used too much chilli in a curry, tried a new type of chilli or used a spicier curry paste then you might find that the curry is far too spicy hot to eat.

But you do not need to throw away a curry that is too hot. You can use the following tips to overcome a cooking or ingredient mistake that makes your curry too hot to comfortably eat.

Be aware that adding another ingredient, or too much of another ingredient, may change the taste of your curry (add a little at a time so you do not add too much).

1. Add a dairy ingredient such as plain yogurt, cream or milk

2. Add coconut milk

3. Add lemon or lime juice

4. Add vinegar

5. Add sugar

6. Add boiled potatoes (they soak up some of the spiciness and you can take them out of the curry if you do not want to eat them)

7. Drink yogurt or milk with the curry

8. Eat a yogurt dish (a raita) with the curry

If you have successfully cooled down a curry then leave a comment to let us know how you did it.

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