Chicken and Coconut Curry Recipe (version 2) Review

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Time to Find a Chicken Curry Recipe

Saturday is here again so it is time to find a good curry recipe to try. I remember seeing a new chicken curry recipe being published on the Curry Focus website and it didn’t take long for me to track it down. It was a chicken and coconut curry recipe. There was lemon grass and fish sauce in the ingredients so the curry recipe almost certainly came from Thailand.

The curry looked easy enough to make so this was the recipe for me this weekend.

Getting the Curry Ingredients

There was nothing too difficult about getting the ingredients for the curry. As usual, I already had most of the ingredients in my kitchen.

I bought the chicken thighs, lemon grass (or is it lemongrass?), fish sauce and fresh coriander (cilantro) when I was out and about on my regular Saturday shop. I needed a fresh bottle of fish sauce because the one in the fridge was 8 months out of date (oops).

Making the Chicken and Coconut Curry

There are 3 basic processes in making the chicken and coconut curry. First, cut up the chicken thighs and quickly marinate them. Second, make the onion paste (I needed to add about 90ml (3 fl oz) of water to make the paste. Finally, the actual cooking phase.

And there was nothing complicated about the cooking phase. I kept basically did a stir-fry when I added the onion paste and chicken thighs until liquid was released from the meat and I could stir less frequently. I could have added a little hot water to help keep the ingredients from getting too dry but did the stir-frying thing so that I wouldn’t have to do that.

I could relax a little once the coconut milk, sugar and fish sauce had been added and the simmering was underway.

I timed the rice so that it would be ready at the same time as the chicken and coconut curry. A quick check at the end of the cooking time showed that the chicken was properly cooked.

On reflection, this is a really easy curry recipe to follow.

Tasting and Rating the Chicken and Coconut Curry

As usual, the curry tasting team arrived in plenty of time to have a pre-dinner beer. They have a hard life.

Before serving up the curry, I saw that there was way too much liquid and the sauce very runny. On reflection, the curry did not need a full 400ml (14 fl oz) of coconut. Maybe half of this amount would have been OK. The beauty about putting in less coconut milk is that you can always add a little more if it is needed later. If you have too much liquid then all you can really do is turn up the heat and try and reduce the sauce. But this curry had a lot more sauce than needed and would take a while to reduce. So I used a slotted spoon to serve up the curry so there was a lot of liquid left in the saucepan. This sauce would not go to waste because I can eat it as a kind of soup tomorrow.

I served up the Chicken and Coconut Curry on basmati rice and everyone got stuck into the curry.

And the chicken and coconut curry was really good. The chicken was well cooked and chicken thigh meat is tastier than chicken breast meat. The lovely coconut taste was accompanied by the great fresh coriander (cilantro) taste. All in all, this was a tasty curry and it received a taste score of 8 out of 10. About the only thing wrong with the curry was that it was mild but this could be helped by adding another fresh chilli.

Tasty Leftover Curry

This is a big curry and there is easily a couple of servings left over after the Sunday evening meal. And the excess liquid will give me a great bowl of soup. So I put the leftover curry into the freezer and the leftover soup went into the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch.

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