Pork Madras Curry Recipe Review

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Time to Find a Curry Recipe

It’s curry time again and I fancied a hot curry for a change. I’m the cook so I get to choose the curry. I went looking through the madras curry recipes. It has been ages since I’ve had a madras curry. A madras curry used to be my regular curry and I miss a good madras curry. And there was a pork madras curry recipe that attracted my attention. I scanned the ingredients and cooking steps and the words “easy peasy” leapt into my head.

The choice had been made.

Hunting the Curry Ingredients

Getting the ingredients for the curry was not difficult since all of the ingredients were commonplace.

I got the pork from my favourite butcher shop and made a trip to my favourite Indian supermarket to get a couple of the spices (fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds).

All of the other ingredients were already sitting in my kitchen cupboard and fridge.

Making the Pork Madras Curry

This is a recipe where you make your own spice mixture – no sign of curry powder or garam masala in this recipe.

Midway through the afternoon I heated up a small iron skillet and quickly dry roasted the seeds, cloves and dried chillies. Then I set the heated ingredients aside for an hour to let them cool. A quick blast in my spice grinder turned everything into a smooth spice powder masala.

I did the rest of the preparation after making the masala.

The cooking time for the curry would be 100 minutes and I started the actual cooking so that the curry would be ready at the scheduled eating time of 7pm.

And nothing went wrong or caused any problems.

I followed the recipe step after step and the recipe worked.

And I started up the rice just before I started the final step of reducing the liquid in the curry (there was a lot of liquid to get rid of).

Tasting and Rating the Pork Madras Curry

The tasting team arrived about 10 minutes before the curry and rice were ready so did not have to wait long before I served up the Pork Madras Curry on basmati rice.

And the pork madras curry was great. The pork was well cooked and the sauce wasn’t too runny. As you would expect, there was a lovely coconut taste and the curry spice/heat level was “Very Hot”. I had used very hot dried chillies to make the masala and the shop had not lied about their heat. There was a lovely after burn in the mouth for a fair few minutes after the curry had been eaten. The yummy taste earned the pork madras curry a taste score of 8.5 out of 10.

A Pork Madras Curry Bonus

This is a big curry and easily feeds 6 people. Luckily for me, only 4 of us were doing the taste test so a couple of portions went back into the fridge so they could be eaten the next day. Nice.

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