Balti Beef Kheema Curry Recipe Review

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Time to Find a Curry Recipe

The weekend is here again and so it is time to find a curry recipe to try. It sometimes sounds like the weekend curry recipe test is a chore but it really isn’t. It is a chance to try find a great curry recipe. It seems that a lot of people stick to cooking the same meals week after week (or month after month). But this hobby of mine forces me to try something new every week (or most weeks because sometimes I’m away from home and cannot do my normal curry recipe test).

So Saturday morning found me looking through the untested curry recipes that are on the Curry Focus website. And I found a recipe that looked easy to make that would produce a decent curry. It was the Balti Beef Kheema curry recipe. This looked to be a recipe for a big curry, having a lot of minced (ground) beef.

Hunting the Curry Ingredients

There really was no problem in getting the ingredients for this curry. Nearly every supermarket would have all of the ingredients for the curry, even the spices. As usual, I bought the vegetables from my favourite grocers shop. And I didn’t need to buy any of the spices because I already had them in the kitchen cupboard. And my big bottle of cooking oil did not need to be replenished.

Making the Curry

As I predicted, making this Balti curry was really easy, with only 6 cooking steps to follow.

Nothing went wrong at all. I just moved from step to step and started cooking the rice just before the last curry cooking step started.

And the rice was ready just as the kheema curry was ready.

Tasting and Rating the Curry

I served up the Balti Beef Kheema curry on basmati rice to the recently arrived tasting team.

And the curry went down well. Everything was well cooked and this was a dry, colourful, curry. The curry received an average taste score of 8 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot”.

This is a big curry and there was plenty left over so that I could enjoy a curry for the next day’s lunch. Nice.

balti beef kheema curry image

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