Balti Vegetables Recipe Review

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A Balti Vegetables Side Dish Recipe Test

I have not really done much testing of side dish recipes in the past but it is time to change all of that. I saw the Balti vegetables recipe and decided to try it for myself. This easy recipe appealed to me because I don’t really like spending time in the kitchen.

The Balti Vegetables

Everything in the ingredients list were easy to find. It’s amazing that you can get most vegetables at any time of the year. I thought that I would have trouble finding the spring onions but, no, they were plentiful in my local greengrocers.

Making the Balti Vegetables Side Dish

I probably spent more time preparing the ingredients than actually cooking them. The total cooking time is less than 15 minutes.

There is nothing much to say about the actual cooking. It was a bit like doing a gentle stir-fry and it seemed that the vegetables were cooked in next to no time.

Tasting and Rating the Balti Vegetables

I served up the Balti vegetables with a tasty curry that I took out of the freezer (having defrosted and heated it up).

And the vegetables were good. Nice and al dente. The Balti vegetables had a fresh taste and were nice and colourful (only 3 tasters today so I served one portion on some rice so that the image would look good).

The Balti vegetables were rated “Mild” and received a taste score of 7.5 out of 10.

balti vegetables image

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