Curry Focus Website Visitor Review for 2016

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2016 was another big year for the Curry Focus team and the Curry Focus website is being visited more and more.

Before seeing what the website visitors are looking at, let’s look at where the visitors are coming from.

In 2016 there were visitors from 176 different countries and states. The top 10 countries are shown in the following table.

Position Country Visitor Percentage
1 United Kingdom 65.88%
2 United States 9.05%
3 Australia 5.80%
4 Canada 2.53%
5 New Zealand 2.20%
6 India 2.00%
7 South Africa 1.55%
8 Russia 1.54%
9 Ireland 1.52%
10 United Arab Emirates 0.50%

So, yet again, most of our visitors are from the English-speaking parts of the world, with the vast majority from the United Kingdom.

The more exotic places that sent a single visitor are Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Cape Verde, Martinique and Vanuatu.

We see where our visitors come from, but what do the visitors look at? Well, they mainly look at recipes and blogs.

The 10 most popular recipes in 2016 are shown in the following table.

Position Recipe Name
1 Poppadoms (version 2)
2 Saag Bhaji Curry
3 Poppadoms (version 1)
4 Leftover Ham and Rice Curry
5 Leftover Ham Curry
6 Beef Dopiaza Curry
7 Balti Beef Curry
8 Chicken Sagwala Curry
9 Chicken Rezala Curry
10 Chicken Pathia (Patia) Curry

The 2 poppadom recipes on the website (“Poppadoms (version 2)” and “Poppadoms (version 1)” are in the top 3 most viewed recipes. The “Leftover Ham and Rice Curry” and “Leftover Ham Curry” recipes are viewed throughout the year but have a big seasonal peaking of views in late December, presumably because of the leftover Christmas ham.

The 10 most popular blogs in 2016 are shown in the following table.

Position Blog Title
1 How to Cool Down a Curry That Is “Too Hot!”
2 Roti, Chapati, Puri, Paratha, Naan and Other Indian Breads
3 How To Thicken A Curry Sauce That is Too Runny – Quickly
4 What is a Rezala Curry?
5 What is a Balti Curry?
6 What is a Tindaloo Curry?
7 Leftover Ham Curry
8 Scottish Curry Awards 2016 Results
9 The Scoville Scale Of Chilli Heat
10 Roast Turkey Meat Safety

Once again, the “How to Cool Down a Curry That Is Too Hot!” blog is the most popular blog. As you would expect, the “Leftover Ham Curry” and “Roast Turkey Meat Safety” blogs are viewed mostly in December. The popularity of the blog on the Scottish Curry Awards 2016 Results reflect that the Scots love curry.

That’s a summary of 2016. What will happen in 2017? Will the number of visitors continue to increase? What will be the most popular recipe and blog of 2017? Like us, you’ll have to wait a year to find out.

Don’t forget that the Curry Focus website is FREE to use (it has always been free to use). Tell your curry-loving friends about us so that they can have a look for themselves.

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