Lamb Dopiaza Curry Recipe Review

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Another Lamb Curry Recipe

My recent successes with lamb curries is definitely going to my head and this weekend I looked at the untested lamb curry recipes to see if I could find another lamb curry recipe to try. And there was a lamb dopiaza curry recipe with my name written all over it. In fact there were two lamb dopiaza recipes to be tested but I can only cook one meal at a time.

The Lamb Dopiaza Curry Ingredients

There are no ingredients in this dopiaza that are hard to find. The only ingredients that I really needed to buy were the lamb, fresh coriander (cilantro) and onions. Onions? Yes, I needed to buy onions because this recipe needed 5 onions. I usually buy a few onions each weekend but needed to make sure that I had extras for the dopiaza.

Preparing and Cooking the Lamb Dopiaza Curry

Lots of chopping needed to prepare the ingredients for the curry.

I cut up the ingredients for the onion paste, put them into the food processor and blended them into a paste. The paste was a bit thick and I had to add 4 tablespoons (60ml or 2 fl oz) of water to get a runny paste.

Next up was cooking the 3 onions until they were soft and golden. This took about 15 minutes, once the oil had heated up. I took the onions out of the saucepan and put them onto a plate for later.

But there was no real amount of oil left in the saucepan – the onion had absorbed what there was. There was a smear of oil around the saucepan but I added another tablespoon of oil so that the next stage of cooking would work.

From there on it was pretty standard curry cooking.

I tasted the lamb at the end of the main cooking phase and it was nice and tender, so there was no need to cook it longer to get it tender.

But the sauce was a bit too runny at the end so I turned up the heat to high and cooked the curry for another 6-7 minutes to reduce the sauce.

A few minutes late, I served up the lamb dopiaza curry to the recently arrived tasting team. But I didn’t have basmati rice this weekend (no need to gasp in sarcastic amazement). Why no basmati rice? Because the day before we had eaten a big dinner and had loads of vegetables left over – mainly potato, broccoli and tomato paste. There’s no way that I throw good food away so the lamb dopiaza curry was served on leftover vegetables. Nice.

Tasting and Rating the Lamb Dopiaza Curry

This is a really big curry, having 800g (1 lb 12 oz) of lamb and 5 medium onions in it. The lamb was nice and tender and all of the ingredients were cooked. There was a lovely background taste of cardamom and cloves and all of us got to bite into a cardamom pod, a real taste sensation. The fresh coriander (cilantro) gave a touch of colour to what would otherwise be a drab, but delicious, lamb curry.

The lamb dopiaza curry received a taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Medium”. There was a good little after-burn tingle on the lips even though the rating was “Medium”.

Make the Lamb Dopiaza Curry Again?

Yes, I will probably make this curry again. It would be an ideal curry for a large dinner party where people could help themselves to the curry. A bucket of rice and a keg of beer would round everything off really well.

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