Cauliflower and Cabbage Curry Recipe Review

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Another Vegetarian Curry Recipe

Last week’s cauliflower curry recipe test was a huge success. Now normally I would switch to trying a non-vegetarian curry recipe after having a successful vegetarian curry recipe but I decided to keep faith with vegetarian curries.

I looked through the vegetarian curry recipes that have not been tested yet and found the cauliflower and cabbage curry recipe that looked like another hit recipe. It was quite similar to last week’s cauliflower curry recipe but the recipe also called for peas and cabbage to be used.

Cauliflower, peas and cabbage all in the same recipe? It must be healthy.

The Curry Ingredients

There was nothing complicated about getting the ingredients for this curry and all I had to do was pop into the grocers for the vegetables and get the coconut milk and vegetable stock when in the supermarket.

And preparing the ingredients for the curry was a breeze as well. One thing that I noticed when the cauliflower and cabbage were cut up was that this was going to be a big curry. I had bought a small cauliflower and a small cabbage but there was a bug pile of both of them ready to be put into the curry once I had finished preparing all of the ingredients.

I actually remembered to take the peas out early so that they would have time to defrost before they needed to be added to the curry.

One thing that I forgot was to soak the chickpeas overnight. But never fear because there was a tin/can of chickpeas in the kitchen cupboard so I cheated and used that to supply the chickpeas.

Cooking the Cauliflower and Cabbage Curry

As anticipated, this is a really easy curry to make. There are no complicated processes to follow and everything went pretty much as expected.

I used my biggest saucepan to make the curry but that was not big enough to hold all of the contents. There was just so much cauliflower and cabbage. So I made an executive decision and used all of the cauliflower and as much of the cabbage as I could get into the saucepan. The volume of cabbage got smaller as the cooking went on but I didn’t want to keep adding the rest of the cabbage when there was room because I would have ended up overcooking the cauliflower. So I kept back most of the cabbage, to be eaten the next day.

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Leftover cabbage

Testing the Cauliflower and Cabbage Curry

The tasting team arrived on time to guzzle some wine before I served up the Cauliflower and Cabbage Curry on basmati rice.

And the curry was great.

There was the lovely coconut taste and all of the ingredients were well cooked (and not overcooked).

The curry was quite similar to last week’s curry but was even better. The team gave a taste score of 9 out of 10 (getting close to perfection) with a spice/heat rating of “Hot”.

And this is a really big curry that can easily feed 6 people. Luckily there were only 4 of us for the curry tasting session which meant that I had leftover curry for dinner the next day.

This was another successful cauliflower curry and I will almost certainly make it again.

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