Potato and Carrot Curry Recipe Review

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Testing a Healthy Curry

Time for another recipe test and I decided to try one of the vegetarian curries, using the logic that a vegetarian curry would be healthy.

I found the potato and carrot curry recipe among the vegetarian curry recipes and it looked easy enough. Apart from the spices, the ingredients were potatoes, carrots and a couple of tomatoes. So this should be a healthy curry. The curry would be eaten with rice so each serving would be less than 400 calories – pretty good for a dinner.

For the first time in ages I had all of the ingredients for the curry, including the curry leaves (I’ve got a takeaway container full of curry leaves in the freezer).

Getting the Curry Ingredients Ready

It’s hard to see how preparing the curry ingredients could get any easier. Peeling a couple of ingredients and chopping them up. It’s hardly worth talking about, so I won’t.

Making the Curry

Making the curry involved tweaking the recipe a little.

The original recipe had the carrots going into the hot water at the same time as the potato. But it takes longer for the carrot to cook if the carrot pieces are the same size as the potato pieces.

Also, the original recipe only used 2 teaspoons of oil, which was too little – cooking the onions needed a little more oil to be added because the smaller amount of oil was insufficient and the ingredients were burning before they were ready to eat.

I have adjusted the recipe for the potato and carrot curry so, hopefully, the next making of the curry will work OK.

Actually making the curry was pretty easy. I followed the recipe instructions fairly accurately and soon the curry was being cooked.

I feel that this is a strange curry in that the primary ingredients are boiled in water along with the chillies and tomatoes. I’ve never seen chillies being boiled in water and cannot really see the purpose of boiling the chopped up tomatoes.

Nevertheless, I continued with the recipe testing.

Tasting the Potato and Carrot Curry

The curry was ready to eat almost on schedule and I served up the Potato and Carrot Curry to the recently arrived tasting team. As usual, the curry was served with basmati rice.

And the common consensus was that the curry was not very good. Partially my fault and partially because of the recipe.

Most of the carrot was undercooked – when I tasted the carrot I must have chosen a couple of the smaller pieces that really were cooked OK but most the carrot was undercooked. I’ve adjusted the recipe to give an extra 5 minutes for the carrots to cook before adding the potato.

The curry was pretty bland and ordinary. I would have expected it to be a bit spicier/hotter but I suspect that boiling the chillies somehow diluted the heat.

There was a slightly funny taste to the curry and it could have been because of the onion burning a little when it was being fried. The original recipe only used 2 teaspoons of cooking oil and I have increased this to a tablespoon. Maybe even this won’t be enough to prevent the burning?

The Curry Ratings

The potato and carrot curry received a taste score of 5 1/2 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Mild”. 2 chillies should have given this curry a bit more bite.

Make the Curry Again?

I don’t think that I’ll be making this curry again. It was very disappointing and there are so many untested curry recipes that look good. No time to retry a recipe that seems to have fundamental flaws.

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