Punjabi Egg Curry Recipe Review

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Another Weekend, Another Curry

Another Saturday so it is curry planning time again. I do enjoy my weekly searches of the great range of curry recipes in the Curry Focus website.

This Saturday found me wandering among the vegetarian curry recipes again. I seem to be switching back and forward between vegetarian and meat recipes. So, to keep the pattern going, I found an easy Punjabi egg curry recipe to try. I’ve never eaten an egg curry before and this recipe looked like it should produce a tasty meal.

Curry Shopping Trip

I bought the eggs, tomatoes and coriander (cilantro) when out on my usual weekend shopping trip.

And that was all I needed to buy. Once again, this was going to be a cheap, or economical, meal.

Obviously, I need the other ingredients and they are not free. But I buy my spices and chillies when they run out and not when I need to use them. Generally, I buy enough of a spice to last 2-3 months. I don’t like to keep spices any longer than 3 months because they go stale and lose their potency. And I grab a handful of chillies when I need them – I keep the chillies in the freezer.

I’ve always got a few onions at home. Most curries have onion in them and I have been known to cook onions without them going into a curry. I’m pretty selective with onions and only buy them if they are nice and firm – I have been known to go to 4 different shops before buying onions. I almost have a panic attack if I run out of onions.

And I buy jars of garlic and ginger paste when they run out. In fact, that’s how I buy most of my supplies. When I use the last of something, I add it to a shopping list and they get replaced next time I do my shopping. Pretty boring being organised?

Boiling the Eggs

I keep seeing columns and articles about how to boil an egg. Seriously? Even I know how to hard-boil an egg. So I boiled the eggs and put them into a bowl of cold water to help the cooling down process – no need to burn my fingers when I take off the shells.

I left the eggs in the water for about half an hour and then removed the shells.

Making the Punjabi Egg Curry

There is nothing too hard about making this egg curry.

I followed the steps and it all worked fine apart from the first step where the eggs are browned in the cooking oil. Really? I cooked the eggs for 15 minutes and they were only partially browned. I’m not sure if this would change if I cooked them for longer – the outside white of the egg was coming off and I’m not sure how much would be left if I had to cook them long enough to get the whole of the eggs browned.

hard boiled eggs

So the eggs got 15 minutes to get partially browned and then I carried on with the cooking.

Nothing else went wrong. It is such an easy recipe to follow.

Tasting the Punjabi Egg Curry

The curry tasting team arrived a good 20 minutes before the planned eating time and almost to the minute I served up the Punjabi Egg Curry on basmati to the waiting tasters.

And this is a really great curry. It is a really tasty curry. It seemed a bit weird having boiled egg in a curry but it worked well. One of the tasting crew even uttered the word “exquisite” – where did that come from? I didn’t know that any of the tasters knew big words.

The egg curry received a taste score of 8.5 out of 10 with a spice/heat rating of “Hot” – pretty good.

Another Great Recipe?

Yes, this is a great recipe. The recipe was easy to follow and produced a great curry. And this is a big curry because it serves 6, which means that I get to enjoy the leftover egg curry for dinner the next day. Result!

Punjabi egg curry image

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