7 Amazing Facts You Might Not Have Known About Curry

It’s a food favourite for good reason — curry dishes are delicious, in large part due to the astonishing effects a curry has on your taste-buds.

Whether you head out for a curry once a week, or spend your days cycling through the amazing curry recipes on the CurryFocus website, one thing is pretty certain – nothing beats a good curry.

1 – Hottest Curry – The Widower

When one of the side effects of eating a hot curry is hallucinations, you know you are dealing with a seriously hot dish. Then when you find out the chef’s have to wear goggles when they make it you know that your intestines are in for some serious punishment.

Hundreds of eager diners have taken on the challenge of the Widower and failed.

Finally however one man, 55 year old Dr Ian Rothwell, took just over an hour to finish this amazingly spicy dish – despite the tears falling from his eyes.

“It took me about an hour to eat it and I had to stop half way through and go out for a walk and some fresh air.” said Dr Rothwell.

We couldn’t find out how he felt the next day and can only imagine that such a intensely hot curry would have very unpleasant lingering after-effects.

Hottest Curry
Image: flickr

Note: Guinness world records doesn’t recognize a record for the hottest curry in the world, due to all the different ingredients that make up a curry.

Another curry considered as one of the hottest in the world is the famous Bollywood burner.

2 – The World’s biggest Curry

On 1st August 2015 the biggest curry ever made was created in Singapore, by the Indian Chefs and Culinary Association.

Weighing 15.34 tonnes (33,838.9 lb), which is heavier than 2 male elephants, this massive curry was created as part of the yearly Suvai event involving chefs from all over Asia.

3 – Curry Can Help You Live Longer

Studies have shown that eating curry can make you live longer. Why? Well it is all to do with the chili.

A study done by scientists at the Chinese Academy of Medical Science found that those who ate spicy foods one or two times a week were 10% less likely to die. When they ate spicy foods more than three times a week this increased to a 14% less risk of dying.

If you want to live a long and healthy life, according to the study done, the more times a week you have a hot spicy curry the better.

4 – Curry Tastes Better the Next Day

Numerous studies have shown that curry really does have more taste the next day. The reason as to why that is the case was talked about some time back and could be due to the infusion of ingredients over time. For further reading check out – Why does curry taste better the next day?.

5 – Biggest Pile of Poppadoms

You may not think 5ft 8 inches is very tall, but it is a pretty big stack of poppadoms. A curry chef from Bangladesh, Tipu Rahman, stacked up a world record breaking 1280 poppadoms to create a massive tower.

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

6 – Chicken Tikka Masala comes from… Scotland!

Surely one of the most well loved Indian dishes is the famous Tikka Masala. Surprisingly however this wonderful dish originates from Glasgow, Scotland.

7 – The largest Curry Chain has more than 1300 outlets

Ichibanya, from Kazunomiya in Japan, is a restaurant chain that set a Guinness world record in 2013 with an amazing 1305 curry restaurants throughout Japan and the world.

All this talk about curries has made me hungry for a spicy dish. I think I might try a Chicken Vindaloo for dinner tonight.

What is your favourite curry?

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